Tuesday, January 27, 2015

say hello to carol...

as we move into the new year i want to introduce you to carol...
she has been helping us out the past few years on sale days and special events. this summer i put out a plea to help my husband find additional workers for his medical billing company. i had no idea that was carol's background because we always talked quilting & kids. she is now working for john with the caveat that if i should need her at jellen's, she comes over. that happened last week when i needed to get my mom to the hospital.  carol and sarah get along mighty well too. it is such a perfect arrangement for which i am so grateful.


JEllen said...

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Debbie Schubert Hi Carol!!
January 1 at 3:50pm

Mary Albaugh Hello Carol! Happy New Year!
January 1 at 4:11pm

Sharon Beck We have met, she was most helpful. Happy New Year
January 1 at 4:15pm

Debbie Roberts-Francis Hi Carol!
January 1 at 4:43pm

Gwen Adams Love how their clothes match and compliment the fabric
January 1 at 4:53pm

Melissa Lyn Sawmiller Carol, you are an angel! The world needs more people like you.
January 1 at 5:13pm

Michele Merin-Campbell Hi carol , you are heaven sent !!
January 1 at 5:46pm

Susan Tuttle Blalock What a blessing!
January 1 at 6:52pm

Andrea Muehrcke Rice Was so pleased to meet Carol when I was in a few weeks ago.
January 1 at 7:24pm

Kathy LaNeve Hi Carol !!
January 1 at 9:18pm

Mary Ann Montague Hi, Carol!
January 1 at 10:06pm

Leslie Ann Hi Carol! And another of those great color coordinated photos
January 1 at 10:36pm

Annie Rhoda-Osuagwu Hi Carol. Best wishes in the new year #blessings
January 2 at 5:15am

Donna Wetzel Hi Carol! You know when we follow the will of God all good things happen! I am totally convinced of that.
January 2 at 2:15pm

Betsy Carter Booth Hope your mom's OK
January 3 at 10:28pm

Sabrina Steyling said...

Hi Carol! Joyce, I would say that Carol is a win-win for your family, am I right? That's awesome that she is able to be there for both of you if needed! What a blessing she is!