Wednesday, July 30, 2014

a july miracle...

i could not possibly have known what was in store for us on this day five years ago, but i do know the miracle that unfolded before my eyes set us on a journey that has been life altering for so many reasons. it was midmorning when i checked sarah into the medical office for a follow up appointment. the previous six months had been dreadful. earlier that year we had been told her days were numbered. her body was so weak. her lungs so permanently damaged. her heart was surrounded with fluid and her immune system was beyond fragile. the antibiotics and steroids they had pumping through her veins were like water to an already dead plant. we were as mentally prepared for the worst as i suppose any parent can get.

i watched carefully as the doctor examined sarah. first she poured over the results from the blood work taken a few days before. then she listened to her chest. i looked for a clue or two of expression as she repositioned the stethoscope on sarah's back. i'd learned over the years to look for those tiny signs of human emotion on a doctor's face. i suppose it helped prepare me for what i was about to hear. i remembered her look so clearly back in january of that year, when this same doctor handed me the list of hospice providers. it was that conversation that ultimately lead me to resign from my job to care for sarah fulltime. if 2009 was to be her last, i wanted to be sure to be a part of every moment.

as she flipped the switch on the light box to examine the chest x-ray taken earlier that day, i was afraid to look. i heard her words before i walked over to look for myself. sarah's lungs were the clearest I had viewed since being taught how to read an x-ray when she was a baby. i could not recall in sarah's twenty years on earth a doctor say the word perfect to describe her. so i asked her to repeat what she said. "perfect. i said perfect." i'm sure my face contorted in all sorts of confused looks, which had her repeat for the fourth time..."perfect." we both agreed we were taken by complete surprise, but every indicator that had been so wrong in the winter was now in normal range. the doc never uttered the word miracle, but she didn't have to. our tight embrace said it all.

sarah and i went to ihop for lunch that day to celebrate. it was a day of new beginnings. i wasn't sure what they would look like, and i can assure you a quilt shop was no where on my radar screen, but oh how grateful we are that on that morning of july 30, 2009 we were given a new lease on life. her gown that day may have been made of paper, but it would be fabric that would soon change our direction completely.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


the demolition crew was working hard today...

Friday, July 25, 2014

a lease has been signed...

it's finally time to squelch the rumors and make an announcement. we signed a lease today and picked up a new set of keys!!! jellen's house of fabric and sarah's sewcial lounge will be moving to the cedar green plaza located at the corner of cedar & south green road in university heights. we will be taking the space once occupied by just frames & art.

after looking at what seemed like hundreds of locations, we narrowed our search down by using these final criteria:

     a) freedom accessible
     b) in the heights/hillcrest neighborhood
     c) affordable
     d) close to where my parents and we live and
     e) a flushing toilet!

and we got a few bonuses too...a loft for sarah's sewcial lounge...
a few great eateries in the same plaza such as jack's deli, don tequila's, happy buddha, cedar green wine & cheese and the new ellie's waffles. plus there's pincus bakery, heinen's grocery is just across the street on green and a bruegger's bagels across cedar.

we are still just moments away from I-271 at the cedar road exit and easily accessible from university circle. legacy village and beachwood place are right down the street.

the icing on the husband's new office is just across the street. the whip cream...well it's on the flan at the mexican restaurant just two doors down.


so what's the time frame you ask? well the space does need some work to transform it into our happy little cottage. therefore we will remain OPEN at 5255 mayfield in lyndhurst at least thru august 16th while the construction is going on.

thank you all for your patience, your participation in helping to give us feedback, your shoulders while i cried, your ears while i moaned & groaned. although this is super exciting...there is a certain fear factor as we will now be paying rent for the first time ever. so please...Please, PLEASE follow us to our new location.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

quilts of honor

a very special presentation will be happening just before the cleveland indians game tonight. quilts of honor east will be presenting handmade quilts to indians' nick swisher and royals' billy butler. 
we thank melissa guzman and angie russell from virginia for coming into the store this morning to share the quilts with us before the ceremony. the mission of quilts of honor is to bestow a universal symbol and token of thanks, solace and remembrance to those who serve/have served or support those who serve/have served. 

it truly was a special night in cleveland. standing between angie and melissa representing quilts of honor east is laurie simpson of the design team minnick & simpson for moda fabrics. angie and melissa choose their collection named grant park to create these two quilts also using their pattern stars and bars. it was a great night to showcase beautiful fabric, talented designers and quilters. let us not forget though the entire reason this is all so exciting is the opportunity to express our appreciation to those who have protected our country...nick swisher and billy butler and all those who have served...THANK YOU!