Friday, November 7, 2014

blessed greetings to nancy & harold...

moments like this one fill my heart with overloaded joy. meet harold and nancy...

they are traveling through ohio from missouri heading to niagara falls and planned their trip to stop at our shop to meet sarah. why? because nancy, who has been a long distance truck driver for 27 years, has been following our story. she quilts. and harold who she taught to drive an 18 wheeler after a career as a school administrator, had a sister with down syndrome. joanna passed away at the age of 55, but as he described had a wonderful life. it was like meeting family who we have just never had the pleasure of meeting before. such a treasure it is having this little quilt shop. we are so grateful. thank you for coming to see us nancy & harold. you are in inspiration to us. safe travels to you.


JEllen said...

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Leah Baker Awesome!!!! I love stories like this!!!! That is awesome! ! I will be in one of those stories lol when I come meet Sarah and yourself soon.. my mom is a hugeee quilter so maybe ne and grandma just road trip:-)

Amy Silverman Someday we are showing up on your doorstep!

G Schafer Palmero What a wonderful story to share!!!

Meriah Nichols beautiful story. thanks for sharing

Kim Roche Simpson I love this. Jack asked me yesterday if we could come see "that grown up girl Sarah" soon.

Denise Butler Vollmer I love this! I have family who follow your story because they are quilters too

Beth Johnson Lennox Wonderful!

Cindy Chuck Anderson Your family is such an inspiration to so many!

Debbie Andreason Sorensen Great story!

Val Grace What a great story. You are truly blessed to have touched so many lives!

Kimberly Spaulding Brinkley Noack this made me s little misty eyed in a good way

Miggie Nieves Velez Love it!!! God bless!!!

quilter000 said...

Oh a joy for sure. I am sure they had a grand time at your new place Joyce and sarah it is so bright and cheerful. I am blessed to have met you both as well. you are an inspiration to so many of us!!
big hugs to the family Hi Nancy and Harold safe travels to and back home again!

My name is Sarah said...

Jeannie Hillick Sarah is turning into an ambassador for quilting and down syndrome. So proud of her.

Mary Wasserman Your happy post made my Sunday!