Friday, October 24, 2014

sister love...

i love how sarah so enthusiastically shares the story of our pillowcase project and kristen & polly kirton and their beautiful family when new sisters come into our shop. it's like she's on her own little mission without even leaving town.

today we met sister ronquillo in cleveland from the philippines and sister stone from st. george, utah who just happens to have a sister with down syndrome. how awesome is that connection!


JEllen said...

Tammy Harrison Hodson LOVE.
October 24 at 6:43pm

Carrie Barlow Ormsby Adore! This makes me so teary!
October 24 at 7:09pm

Heather Stewart Seal What a great coincidence!!
October 24 at 7:18pm

Margarita Moran are you LDS?
October 24 at 7:18pm · Like

Katrina Morriss I love how wonderful you are to the missionaries. Thank you. I am getting ready to send my son on a mission and hope that he encounters lots of nice people like you and Sarah.
October 24 at 11:58pm

Melissa Bush McKrola Agreed with Katrina! You are SO GOOD to take care of those little missionaries when they're far from home. They need to encounter more people like your family.
October 25 at 12:15am · Like · 2

Joyce Hillick Ely No Margarita Moran, we are not LDS. We simply have a very special place in our hearts for the missionaries.
October 25 at 9:45am

Margarita Moran nice
October 25 at 3:50pm

Karin Stewart Peterson And we all have a special place in our hearts for you.
October 25 at 9:24pm

Tina Wildonger Beautiful

Kristen's mom said...

You're the BEST!