Sunday, August 17, 2014

a few delays...

let me take you back for a moment to january 2008. we were living in the holiday inn in mayfield village while a construction team worked on our house damaged by a storm. sarah was struggling a bit to breath so i was heading to the cleveland clinic with her in the back seat. we were sitting at a red light at wilson mills and richmond when i realized she was no longer breathing. i made the split second decision to run the red light and speed down anderson to get to our house where the portable phone, which would connect to 911 with a readout, was just inside the garage door.

i performed rescue breathing with her in the back seat until the south euclid squad arrived. as the paramedics worked in perfect tandem with sarah on a skinny gurney in the middle of our snow covered cul-de-sac, i looked up and saw this man and his crew standing at our windows with tears rolling down their cheeks. 

although we have run into a few minor hurdles with our new store renovation, al pestotnik has never forgotten that day. his bond with sarah runs deep from that experience and this afternoon he told me whatever it takes to get this project done, he and his brother will make it happen. i love how God brings just the right people into our lives to help us achieve our goals. feeling very grateful.


JEllen said...

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Denise Cohen Maiorana That's a beautiful story. I can see the mutual love in their smiles.

Cathy Harms Thompson Tears...

Mindy Zook-Weaver Beautiful...

Rebecca Sevachko Toman Ditto tears.

Leslie Ann Beautiful story...thank you for sharing

Christine M Tuite Staib Tears running down my cheeks knowing that nothing happens in God's world by mistake. There are no coincidences, just God moments, in my opinion...and you have been blessed with a number of them. I am certain though, that you and Sarah have been the ones chosen to be in those God moments for others on a number of occasions, this beautiful example being one of them. The day you spoke of, it seems everyone had a God moment. May the God moments continue for years to come.

Patti Kaliszewski What a blessing.....

Becky Harris-Ross precious story...wonderful friend...thanks for sharing

Donna Reed Montibello Tears running down my face , thank you for sharing the story.

Mary Ellen Beebe Such a blessing your Sarah is. Sarah touches so many.

Feruccio Lamborghini said...

I had no idea fabric could be so expensive. A few years back I wanted to buy some red fabric to make a "red carpet" for my baby for Vallentines day. When I went to the store thinking it would be around ten dollars or so it actually turned out to $100.