Saturday, July 5, 2014

quilts of honor

a very special presentation will be happening just before the cleveland indians game tonight. quilts of honor east will be presenting handmade quilts to indians' nick swisher and royals' billy butler. 
we thank melissa guzman and angie russell from virginia for coming into the store this morning to share the quilts with us before the ceremony. the mission of quilts of honor is to bestow a universal symbol and token of thanks, solace and remembrance to those who serve/have served or support those who serve/have served. 

it truly was a special night in cleveland. standing between angie and melissa representing quilts of honor east is laurie simpson of the design team minnick & simpson for moda fabrics. angie and melissa choose their collection named grant park to create these two quilts also using their pattern stars and bars. it was a great night to showcase beautiful fabric, talented designers and quilters. let us not forget though the entire reason this is all so exciting is the opportunity to express our appreciation to those who have protected our country...nick swisher and billy butler and all those who have served...THANK YOU! 

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