Friday, July 25, 2014

a lease has been signed...

it's finally time to squelch the rumors and make an announcement. we signed a lease today and picked up a new set of keys!!! jellen's house of fabric and sarah's sewcial lounge will be moving to the cedar green plaza located at the corner of cedar & south green road in university heights. we will be taking the space once occupied by just frames & art.

after looking at what seemed like hundreds of locations, we narrowed our search down by using these final criteria:

     a) freedom accessible
     b) in the heights/hillcrest neighborhood
     c) affordable
     d) close to where my parents and we live and
     e) a flushing toilet!

and we got a few bonuses too...a loft for sarah's sewcial lounge...
a few great eateries in the same plaza such as jack's deli, don tequila's, happy buddha, cedar green wine & cheese and the new ellie's waffles. plus there's pincus bakery, heinen's grocery is just across the street on green and a bruegger's bagels across cedar.

we are still just moments away from I-271 at the cedar road exit and easily accessible from university circle. legacy village and beachwood place are right down the street.

the icing on the husband's new office is just across the street. the whip cream...well it's on the flan at the mexican restaurant just two doors down.


so what's the time frame you ask? well the space does need some work to transform it into our happy little cottage. therefore we will remain OPEN at 5255 mayfield in lyndhurst at least thru august 16th while the construction is going on.

thank you all for your patience, your participation in helping to give us feedback, your shoulders while i cried, your ears while i moaned & groaned. although this is super exciting...there is a certain fear factor as we will now be paying rent for the first time ever. so please...Please, PLEASE follow us to our new location.


JEllen said...

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Michele Merin-Campbell Congratulations !! Great bakery too
July 26 at 1:27am

Brenda Greene Uh oh ...that's dangerous. I could WALK there. Congrats!
July 26 at 1:29am

Kathy Murphy Payerchin So exciting! Love the location.
July 26 at 1:58am

MaryAnn Grayson Congrats, J, sounds wonderful...and closer to Elyria! ...and the icing on the cake, the flan!
July 26 at 2:41am

Leslie Ann Congratulations! So looking forward to see what you do with the new space, and of course the balcony! All that food nearby. Oh-oh lol. Happy Buddha? I have to go peek in there and see what they have. Just have to check out the closest good coffee and all is right with the world
July 26 at 3:40am

Cathi Buckland Thomas Congratulations!
July 26 at 5:47am

Pam Laney Markt Kathy Laney Marsh, we now have the perfect meeting place between our two houses!
July 26 at 5:52am

Janice Maze CONGRATULATIONS I'm so happy for you and Sarah
July 26 at 6:01am

Libby Campany So happy for you, Joyce! Love the location.
July 26 at 6:10am

Sandra Lester Congratulations, girls! So glad you'll be staying in the neighborhood!
July 26 at 6:34am

Becky Harris-Ross sounds like a wonderful happy for everyone...
July 26 at 6:52am

Kim Roche Simpson The flushing toilet and easy access to mexican food are both big positives in my book. Congratulations!
July 26 at 6:58am

Susan Campbell Beall It all sounds good! Can't wait!
July 26 at 7:09am

Cathy Veverka Congratulations on finding a new location! Can't Wait to see it!!
July 26 at 7:16am

Rita McFarland Fishel Good for you!! (btw....HOW have you avoided paying rent???)
July 26 at 7:23am

Debby Ruminski I am rejoicing that you did not go as far as Miles happy for you Ephesians 3:20 above and beyond!
July 26 at 7:28am

Eileen Choi Golden I LOVE the location. It is close to everything I love!
July 26 at 7:40am

JEllen said...

Kathie Malone Looking forward to the new handicap accessible shop!
July 26 at 8:04am

Karina Aguon Congratulation!!!!
July 26 at 8:15am

Linda Martin Great location!
July 26 at 8:28am

Linda Reed Can't wait to see how cute you will make this!
July 26 at 8:32am

Sandy Wright Deem Good luck
July 26 at 8:36am

Janice Weaver You are my inspiration. I love how you run a successful business and also put your family first.
July 26 at 8:37am

Susan Tuttle Blalock Many blessings in your new adventure!
July 26 at 8:38am

Patti Kaliszewski Not much closer, but not important! Great neighborhood - lived there for 5 years . Congratulations!
July 26 at 8:43am

Lisa Lieber Emigh Coool! Congratulations!
July 26 at 8:45am

Judy Rightmire McKay It will be fabulous.....congrats!
July 26 at 9:13am

Karen Fay Taylor Can't wait to see your new digs!
July 26 at 9:29am

Felice Gordon Troutman I will come to your new shop even though it is farther away! It's a happy place. Congratulations!
July 26 at 9:37am

Kara Krywyj Congratulations
July 26 at 10:17am

Mindy Roeske Sew very happy for you all, Joyce. I look forward to seeing your new digs when I get back to Ohio.
July 26 at 11:52am

Ann Wakefield Congratulations!
July 26 at 12:43pm

Mary Ellen Miller My amigos and I are looking forward for this "road trip" to your new store, Congrats!
July 26 at 1:02pm

Robin Eshelman Yay! Near jacks deli! Best food ever!
July 26 at 1:23pm

Kathy J. Roborecki Congrats!! I can't wait to see your personal touch work magic and make this your best shop yet! I know this shop will be even more amazing!
July 26 at 2:41pm

Bari Garfield Congratulations! Even closer to me than before !
July 26 at 3:24pm

Robin Rosner There is a wonderful place down the road across from Notre Dame called the Sanctuary on Green...I bet they wouldn't mind setting out some cards or a small flyer to let guests know you are there. It is a seasonal tea room, and during the holiday season a Christmas and gift shop.
July 26 at 5:13pm

Debbie Roberts-Francis Will be there! Love your shop wherever you go!
July 26 at 5:40pm

Laura Moraghan Holzheimer I know I will b following u!!!!
July 26 at 6:39pm

Jan Gradone Burgwinkle Sorry I missed you when I stopped in today. Great news about the new location! (Are you wearing a collar? You must have whiplash by now.)
July 26 at 8:44pm

Sue Buckley Can't wait for the grand opening. Will have to get a group together for a road trip. Yahoo!!!
16 hours ago

Anne Willoughby McMillan Food and Fabric! Fun!

Josie McDonough: You're so inspirational. You face every challenge with a smile on your face. So thrilled to have you in our local circle. Can't wait to see the magic of the new store.

Jenn Thurston said...

Congrats! That's so exciting, although I know what a pain it is to move a fabric store!! {We have moved 3 times, and our long arm twice!!}