Wednesday, July 30, 2014

a july miracle...

i could not possibly have known what was in store for us on this day five years ago, but i do know the miracle that unfolded before my eyes set us on a journey that has been life altering for so many reasons. it was midmorning when i checked sarah into the medical office for a follow up appointment. the previous six months had been dreadful. earlier that year we had been told her days were numbered. her body was so weak. her lungs so permanently damaged. her heart was surrounded with fluid and her immune system was beyond fragile. the antibiotics and steroids they had pumping through her veins were like water to an already dead plant. we were as mentally prepared for the worst as i suppose any parent can get.

i watched carefully as the doctor examined sarah. first she poured over the results from the blood work taken a few days before. then she listened to her chest. i looked for a clue or two of expression as she repositioned the stethoscope on sarah's back. i'd learned over the years to look for those tiny signs of human emotion on a doctor's face. i suppose it helped prepare me for what i was about to hear. i remembered her look so clearly back in january of that year, when this same doctor handed me the list of hospice providers. it was that conversation that ultimately lead me to resign from my job to care for sarah fulltime. if 2009 was to be her last, i wanted to be sure to be a part of every moment.

as she flipped the switch on the light box to examine the chest x-ray taken earlier that day, i was afraid to look. i heard her words before i walked over to look for myself. sarah's lungs were the clearest I had viewed since being taught how to read an x-ray when she was a baby. i could not recall in sarah's twenty years on earth a doctor say the word perfect to describe her. so i asked her to repeat what she said. "perfect. i said perfect." i'm sure my face contorted in all sorts of confused looks, which had her repeat for the fourth time..."perfect." we both agreed we were taken by complete surprise, but every indicator that had been so wrong in the winter was now in normal range. the doc never uttered the word miracle, but she didn't have to. our tight embrace said it all.

sarah and i went to ihop for lunch that day to celebrate. it was a day of new beginnings. i wasn't sure what they would look like, and i can assure you a quilt shop was no where on my radar screen, but oh how grateful we are that on that morning of july 30, 2009 we were given a new lease on life. her gown that day may have been made of paper, but it would be fabric that would soon change our direction completely.


Sabrina Steyling said...

Such a beautifully written post...and what a miracle Sarah truly is! God has blessed both of you so much, and blessed all of us that read your blog. The biggest of hugs to both of you, Joyce and Sarah! <3 <3

JEllen said...

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Debbie Roberts-Francis So awesome!
July 30 at 4:45am

Marie Johnston Wonderful story!
July 30 at 6:22am

Elizabeth Trejo Welch Perfect!
July 30 at 6:26am

Allison Jackson What a great story and what a beautiful young lady sitting there ! Miracles are meant to be and there she is!!! So excited for your new adventures!!!!
July 30 at 6:29am

Rebecca Sevachko Toman As a mother of a special needs child as well, I share your worries and your joy. So happy for your daughter's journey.
July 30 at 6:31am

Susan Nichols Stebal Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.
July 30 at 6:56am

Jeanne Smith Thanks for sharing, I have tears , and is hard to see what I'm writing now. Prayres, Hugs to you all !
July 30 at 6:59am

Shari Smith Beautiful story, thank you for sharing. God bless!
July 30 at 7:04am

Janice Maze I am so happy for you and Sarah. GOD bless you both
July 30 at 7:07am

Cathy Harms Thompson Such a beautiful post full of love and inspiration!!
July 30 at 7:20am

JEllen said...

Barbara Hnath Bagdonas Yay, God!
July 30 at 7:53am

Kathy LaNeve Yes thank you for sharing. God bless
July 30 at 8:07am

Ruth Hockett Patterson Wonderful story. God has truly blessed you
July 30 at 8:11am

Becky Harris-Ross brings grateful tears to my eyes...God is good!
July 30 at 8:13am

Jill Spicer Oh! Tears! I had never heard this part of her story. Thank you for sharing it today. What a blessing your daughter is!! (Still crying...)
July 30 at 8:15am

Amy Fournie Hyde Perfect!
July 30 at 8:32am

Judy Lynn Stafford Thanks for sharing your story. Our GOD is an awesome GOD, and still working miracles!!
July 30 at 8:34am

Mary Bryant Ryder I love you both
July 30 at 8:39am

Sue Sandritter What a miracle. Blessings...
July 30 at 9:01am

Judy Rightmire McKay Thank you for sharing this miracle with us. I had no idea what you have been through. God surely has a plan for you both.
July 30 at 9:02am

Nancy Hawkins Stajduhar Love hearing about miracles. Give us hope . Love to visit your quilt shop .
July 30 at 9:05am

Carol Kikel Blessings to Sarah and your family.
July 30 at 9:16am

Leslie Ann Perfect!
July 30 at 9:32am

Susan Cannon Perfect and you both have been blessings to those around you and to us on facebook.
July 30 at 9:44am

Beth Headings Thank you for sharing this beautiful story! Sniff, sniff.
July 30 at 9:58am

Nancy Szucs What a great blessing!
July 30 at 9:59am

Donna Reed Montibello Thank you for sharing the story. Tears of joy for you. God bless
July 30 at 11:07am

Denise Butler Vollmer You always make me cry!!!
July 30 at 11:24am

Judy Merrick Newell Praise God.....I never knew she had been that ill....God Bless her and keep her safe.........
July 30 at 11:33am

Jennifer White Whelan Thank you for sharing. He's the same yesterday today and tomorrow, so yes, miracle!!!
July 30 at 11:47am

Judith Campbell Thank you for sharing your special story.
July 30 at 1:48pm

Bari Garfield Awesome!!! Wish you, Sarah, and your entire family good health, great happiness and continued success in every business venture!!!
July 30 at 1:53pm

Richard and Brenda Ford Beautiful!!!!!!
July 30 at 2:01pm

Barbara Ponzurick How Beautiful, God works in ways we don't understand.
July 30 at 4:52pm

Sara Townley Spagnuolo God is alive and He loves the beautiful little Sarah He created in His image.
July 30 at 5:25pm

Connie Benson Stanton Sarah=Beautiful!
July 30 at 5:50pm

JEllen said...

Kathy J. Roborecki Beautiful pic
July 30 at 6:11pm

Sandra Lester And, your miraculous journey continues...everything is as it should be.
July 30 at 7:15pm

Patti Kaliszewski God is miraculous!
July 30 at 7:29pm

Lisa Lambert Nicholson Awwww.... Love
July 30 at 8:28pm

Lisa Cape Lilienthal A great day indeed!!!
July 30 at 8:30pm

Cheryl Pressley Posey What a blessing. Thank you for sharing.
July 30 at 8:39pm

Beverly Hersey LeFevre Such a blessing.
July 30 at 9:36pm

Leslie Alperin wonderful story!
July 30 at 11:19pm

Linda Martin Thanks for continuing to let us share in the very special stories of your life! And by the way. God is good!!!
Yesterday at 12:04am

Cheryl Civitarese How wonderful..
18 hours ago

MaryAnn Lansky Bunjevac I would say God healed her, as only He can. Prayers for sweet Sarah ....
13 hours ago

MaryAnn Grayson God is good. You are blessed! Sarah is a miracle.
10 hours ago

G Schafer Palmero PERFECT!!!
7 hours ago ·

Geri Whittington Clarke Thank you for sharing!
7 hours ago

Lorie Hatmaker Wonderful story!!!
6 hours ago

Laura Moraghan Holzheimer God is so good!

JEllen said...

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Carol Richards- AnCel Glory Be!!!!!
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Meghan Dickinson Praise God!
July 30 at 11:16am · Like

Jeannie Hillick Praise the Lord.
July 30 at 4:09pm · Like

Denise Zarrella She is sooooo beautiful!!! Thank God!!!
July 30 at 10:15pm · Like

Margarita Moran Miracles do happen...hugs

JEllen said...

I love this!! Joyce you rock as a mother! Sarah is a miracle!