Saturday, June 14, 2014

seeing potential...

purposeful and meaningful work. it is the desire of most humans, yet not something that can be taken for granted when you are an adult with a developmental disability. my husband and i have worked tirelessly to make this quilt shop a reality for our sarah. we have been met by challenges and roadblocks. along the way though, we have learned that the rewards are so much greater than the frustrations and the sacrifices we've made. our lives are much richer for the experience.

today, i had the pleasure of watching two of our customers meet sarah for the first time. my observation is they too felt an enrichment from the encounter. i am so humbly thankful that we found a new space to continue forth that effort.


mathangie said...

Beautiful photo! You guys are amazing!

Jean said...

I'm glad you were able to reopen in the new location and hope all goes well for you now.

JEllen said...

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Carin Peters Vogelzang Awesome--this is our desire for our daughter Pearl as well. Sarah looks so happy in this picture!
June 13 at 5:45pm · Like
Mary Clewell Hobart and so are all your customers.
June 13 at 5:58pm · Like
Debi Jenks Yeah, I just love Sarah, she is perfect just the way she is!
June 13 at 5:59pm · Like
Wendy Currie I really wish your shop was closer!
June 13 at 6:25pm · Like
Jessie Buxton Peckens I love what you're doing for your beautiful daughter! I also love your shop and the lovely fabric you sell...just wish I could sew better so I could use it!
June 13 at 6:28pm · Like
Dolores Wynkoop I want to go there!!
June 13 at 6:37pm · Like
Ginger Stickney I am going to visit y'all one of these days!
June 13 at 6:55pm · Like
Maureen Diver Beautiful young lady!!
June 13 at 7:08pm · Like
Deborah Zaller I was so happy to meet her and glad you are back in business !!! Thanks
June 13 at 7:09pm · Like
Judith Gallagher Good luck Sarah!!!
June 13 at 7:24pm · Like
Lindie Pyle-Otto You are an awesome Mother and your husband an awesome Dad. I so hope to make to your shop to meet you all.
June 13 at 7:27pm · Like
Catherine Holloway Amen!!!
June 13 at 7:40pm · Like
Beth Headings Beautiful picture, beautiful smile!
June 13 at 7:49pm · Like
Paula Schryer Dabel
June 13 at 7:53pm · Like
Connie Benson Stanton What a beautiful daughter! I'm planning a visit!
June 13 at 8:05pm · Like
Becky Harris-Ross You are so fortunate to have Sarah...I am very impressed with her...would love to meet her in person..
June 13 at 8:07pm · Edited · Like
Linda Martin I was thrilled to finally meet Sarah as well. When you get to the point of sewcial club I will join in!
June 13 at 8:16pm · Like
Mary Ellen Beebe Great things happen to BEAUTIFUL families.
June 13 at 8:55pm · Like
Kristiina Yelweb My and g have to come shopping one day!
June 13 at 9:35pm · Like
Kelly Ann Wooliever Richardson Sarah's smile lights up the room
June 13 at 9:44pm · Like · 1
Catherine Ottino Cole Beautiful Sarah!
June 13 at 10:37pm · Like · 1
Karina Aguon I am looking forward to meeting you at the NDSC convention in Indianapolis this July!!!
June 14 at 12:52am · Like
Peggy Toomey What a beautiful smile!! Happy young lady! Hope to meet her soon.
June 14 at 8:19am · Like
Laurie George Joyce, I live in Dallas, so will not be likely to visit your store, plus I am not a quilter. However, I follow your posts on FB because I so believe in what you are doing for Sarah and for your customers. One of my cousins told me about you, and she loves your store. Am so glad that you were able to relocate and reopen. BTW, I have a daughter with autism - moderate level of functioning.
June 14 at 8:31am · Like
Katie Fowle Awesome! Wish I were there!
June 14 at 8:43am · Like
Lila Boehler beautiful Sarah, you have such a warming smile.
June 14 at 10:18am · Like · 1
Tracey Powell Blake Your new store looks as bright as Sarah's smile.
June 14 at 11:55am · Like
Bonnie Olson Svetlik Sarah looks SO happy!
June 14 at 2:30pm · Like
Veronica Barzola God Bless her always. I wish I could to your store & buy everything I need for my room.
June 14 at 8:09pm · Like
Gayle Mosher Norman That smile says it all!
June 14 at 8:21pm · Like
Nancy Rosen Good luck too you and Sarah!