Sunday, June 8, 2014

on the wings of an angel...

it's no secret that the past few months have been a bit rocky for us. it's hard to imagine how life can be rolling along just fine and then out of nowhere comes that thunderous jolt that changes everything. i've learned much during the process. and although i would not wish our scenario on anyone, it has been life enhancing. i've learned to rely more on my faith and the belief that there is a higher power guiding us through. most important we have our family and our health.

still there are days that i feel desperate in hast to have more answers than i currently do. it was that way earlier in the week. the store was full of customers when a young woman walked in. she began to recite a memorized script that i quickly suspected was that of a solicitor. but there was something sweet about her demeanor and vocal delivery, so i let her finish instead of shooing her off.

when she opened the lid of the box she was carrying, i started to put my hand up to indicate that i was not interested in what she had to offer. but laying on top of her selections was this beautiful purple angel.

i asked her how much. as i handed her the $15 she requested, you would have thought it was several hundred. she thanked me profusely although there was no need really, for she was merely a messenger that day. in time, i will likely have a clearer vision, a keener understanding of this road we are on. for now, i have a visual reminder, divinely enhanced by the afternoon sun, that we are not walking this road alone. 

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JEllen said...

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Robin Eshelman Very cool.
June 7 at 10:54pm · Like
Jo Ann Klag-Keller I think I was there that day....believe in signs....always!
Yesterday at 12:02am · Like
Leslie Ann Synchronicity when you slow down to catch those signs. It is all working out, maybe not in our timeframe, but it's working out
Yesterday at 12:44am · Edited · Like · 1
Christine M Tuite Staib Sometimes it seems as though having "the script" for our lives would makes things better, we'd know what was ahead and what to expect. If I was handed "the script" of my life starting a little over three years ago I would not have felt I could walk through what I seemed to have somehow gotten through. Staying in the moment can be so difficult, but worrying about the future, or what's next, never changes the outcome for the better. Nothing happens in God's world by mistake. That Angel came to you for a reason...The light that shines through her will make clear your path, if only you continue to have faith. Sending prayers for you and all the joy you brings to others with what you do...most importantly, Sarah.
Yesterday at 12:54am · Like · 2
Kathy Russ God does that sometimes... a person delivers a message of hope and it seems like this gal did just that. Faith will carry you further.... just keep praying... I wish you peace through all that you are going through.. God bless!
Yesterday at 1:52am · Like · 1
Linda Czekaj always remembering that God is total control is sometimes hard for us, but He will take care of everything. God bless!
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Sandy Wilder God places the people in our lives for a reason. Sometimes we shake our heads and don't understand why. Love the angel and send you prayers. I love when businesses outwardly display their faith !!!!
Yesterday at 8:33am · Edited · Like · 1
Kim Simcik Don't ever question your faith. You have it for a reason. Use it.
Yesterday at 9:12am · Like
Maureen Diver Gorgeous choice! Good works always pay you back in amazing ways. Keep the faith. All will work out!
Yesterday at 10:23am · Like
Jeannie Hillick Beautiful story and Angel.
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Toddy Sumsky It is only when we do not see two sets of footprint that we know he is carrying us.