Sunday, June 29, 2014

love on a big blue bus...

periodically i share on this electronic forum my belief in a grand master plan, the knowledge that there is a greater force guiding this journey we are on. for me the hardest thing is believing in that plan when things don't seem to be going my way. and this week was a perfect example. i'm not sure it's going to work out long term in the building we are currently occupying. the uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty has crept back and that has been weighing heavily on my mind. i started to question the plan including the reason for our existence.

so my higher power sent me a big blue bus. all the way from western michigan. it was full of the most wonderful women, mostly quilters, and the nicest driver. they were all so happy, cordial, and patient. i knew they were coming, as the tour coordinator and i had been communicating for several weeks.

what i did not know though, is on that bus was going to be a grandmother who would speak directly to my heart. for a few brief moments our connection stood still in time. we were surrounded by her bus mates, yet we were all alone in our own bubble of emotions.

sarah shared that she will soon be twenty five years old. verna's eyes filled with tears as she shared that she hoped her granddaughter, also named sarah, would live that long too. i grabbed sarah's hand and held it tightly as i listened to this stranger tell me her story. we'd never met until today, yet, we were not really strangers at all. you see we both know what it is like to have a loved one with down syndrome, who is also so medically fragile that our goodbyes could come at any moment. we know the immense amount of prayer and miracles it takes to have our girls still in our lives. our shared tears told each other we also know the heartbreak of so many families in our Ds circle who have had to say goodbye much too soon.

as she told me her sarah is now ten, i thought back to that summer of 1999, when we held a party for our sarah, a celebration of one decade of life. surrounding her were all her friends from school, nurses, docs and therapists. we were not sure that august if she would still be with us to start back to school in september. 

yet soon, our sarah will be celebrating one quarter of a century. today that gave a grandma, visiting our little quilt shop all the way from michigan, hope. hope for tomorrow. and that's just what i needed to remember that our story is not one of selling fabric, it's about human connections. making a difference one family at a time. i simply need to keep the faith and move forward, for our direction will soon become crystal clear.

we'd like to thank kimberly and her husband,, compass coach and all the travelers for coming to shop with us. we sincerely appreciate your visit and support.


Sabrina Steyling said...

It might sound cliche, but I definitely believe that God works in mysterious ways, and I also believe that He knows exactly what we need when we need it! I am so happy that He sent that blue bus - and that wonderful grandmother - your way when He did! God bless you, Joyce, and Sarah of course! 25 years old, wow! Big hugs to you both!

JEllen said...

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Patti Kaliszewski Beautiful, Joyce!
June 29 at 1:17pm

Sandra Marie Rogers Espinoza Joyce:
Wanted to share something I heard this morning. It was about prayer. It was a very simple prayer that this person says upon waking each and every morning. The prayer is "WOW. So I will say this prayer in your and Sarah's honor. WOW
Thank you for sharing Sandi
June 29 at 1:32pm

Deborah Sivley Burtis Wow Beautiful!!
June 29 at 1:41pm

Marie Johnston Thank you for sharing.
June 29 at 1:49pm

Jeannie Hillick You and Sarah minister to so many. You two are a blessing
June 29 at 1:50pm

Donna Reed Montibello Thank you for sharing this story. It brought happy tears .
June 29 at 2:03pm

Nancy Doubler Things happen for a reason and the following you have because of the joy you share didn't happen by chance. I have a little plaque my mom gave me years ago. It says (in german but I'll translate :))..whenever you don't know if you can go on, a little little light shows up from somewhere. I have a feeling this lady was your little light . BTW, I was in Mary Yoder's in Middlefield yesterday and a big blue bus pulled in. I wonder if it was the same bus?!..
June 29 at 2:07pm

Sharon Morton Joyce,you & Sarah constantly amaze me! Love your shop, love your commitment more! God bless you both!
June 29 at 2:16pm

Mindy Zook-Weaver Wonderful..thank you for sharing.
June 29 at 2:19pm

Judy Rightmire McKay Thank you for reminding us all that God is always in control.
June 29 at 2:19pm

Katie Winkky Liekoski You have such a wonderful spirit of life, it is just plain old inspiring.
June 29 at 2:48pm

Jan Pickering Beautiful!
June 29 at 3:36pm

Mary Ellen Beebe You and Sarah are such a witness to every one you meet. Your journey is a daily walk and a blessing to every person you encounter.
June 29 at 4:04pm

Linda Martin Thanks for sharing that story. I agree that we do not know why we are put on this earth in a certain place and time but there is a Force much mightier than us. We just have to listen and follow!
June 29 at 4:26pm

Valerie Boone What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing...
June 29 at 4:58pm

Ruth Hockett Patterson Wonderful story. Reminds us all that God's and are so much better than we could ever imagine.
June 29 at 5:53pm

Pam Pipas God is good
June 29 at 6:19pm

Linda Czekaj Remember God is always in control and things will work out according to His Master plan. June 29 at 8:26pm

Beth Headings Seems like He sent you an angel when He knew you needed one!
June 29 at 11:56pm

Judith Campbell Thank you so much for sharing that. You and Sarah are beacons for us all.
Yesterday at 6:21am

Becky Harris-Ross God bless you, Sarah and the ladies in the blue bus...He does have a Master plan...