Sunday, May 25, 2014

our new home...

here's a sneak peak into our new digs on opening day...


Karen said...

It looks beautiful! Good luck!

Sabrina Steyling said...

Gorgeous! Best wishes to you!

Linda at Roscoe's Ma said...

Beautiful! Best wishes!

JEllen said...

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Christy Storer That is spectacular! Well done ladies.
May 24 at 5:25am · Like · 3

Lois Buck Congratulations!
May 24 at 6:07am · Like

Karen Reeves Byron You have done an amazing job! Congrats!
May 24 at 6:25am · Like · 1

Sally Keasey Weir It's beautiful. All your hard work shows. Can't wait to visit
May 24 at 6:47am · Like · 2

Pamela Westedt Erickson Klicman it looks just like I had hoped. The candy store!~
May 24 at 7:05am · Like · 3

Joellen Brill So pretty and fresh looking!
May 24 at 7:52am · Like

Theresa Bruni Maxwell WOW!
May 24 at 7:54am · Like

Deborah OKeefe Beautiful !
May 24 at 8:09am · Like

Laura Flynn Beautiful, best of Luck to you
May 24 at 8:27am · Like

Linda Martin Looks fantastic!
May 24 at 8:28am · Like

Mary Clewell Hobart Had a great time looking through the fabrics. Especially love Mamma's Room! Great fabrics. Will be back soon.
May 24 at 8:41am · Like · 1

Charles Ishler It really looks sharp!
May 24 at 8:47am · Like

Patti Kaliszewski Beautiful!
May 24 at 8:52am · Like

Jen Rath WOW!!! Can't wait to visit!
May 24 at 9:23am · Like

Cindy Crowley Shannon Franks, I feel a road trip coming on!
May 24 at 9:25am · Like · 1

Brenda Roffe Looks good!!!
May 24 at 9:40am · Like

Sara Townley Spagnuolo How very lovely!
May 24 at 9:44am · Like

Debby Deal Warthen Love it!
May 24 at 9:54am · Like

Roseann Divincenzo Fantastic! Bright and Cheery just like your previous shop!
May 24 at 10:32am · Like

Renee Fink Henning Congrats!
May 24 at 10:36am · Like

Ruth Hockett Patterson Can't wait to see it fit myself!
May 24 at 11:01am · Like

Jan Pickering Beautiful!!
May 24 at 11:21am · Like

Pam Pipas Sorry that I can't get there till June. It's beautiful
May 24 at 11:32am · Like

Virginia Blair It looks so happy.
May 24 at 11:36am · Like

Shannon Franks Cindy Crowley -- I'm in! Name the day!
May 24 at 11:46am · Like

Vicki Dennis Chisholm Are you open?
May 24 at 12:05pm · Like

Patreece Welser Wow! You've worked your magic! Can't wait to shop! When?
May 24 at 12:11pm · Like

Katie Gorris Krafcik I am excited to see that a stroller will fit! Sorry baby- Mama needs her fabric fix! See you soon!
May 24 at 12:21pm · Like

Ruth A Mollohan Clarke Stopped in to the new place it is great.
May 24 at 1:36pm · Like

Nancy Doubler Wow! Will see it soon!
May 24 at 2:33pm · Like

Nancy Orosz Oh, Denise! Did you die and go straight to Heaven???
May 24 at 4:58pm · Like

Michele Moore-Sutela So when are we going?
May 24 at 5:13pm · Like

Carrie Eubanks So excited for your new beginnings!
May 24 at 5:36pm · Like

Marie Johnston So pretty!
May 24 at 6:53pm · Like

Carole Behlke Will be in to see you soon. Congrats
May 24 at 8:28pm · Like

Dianne Huling Can't wait to visit your quilt shop, when I come to Cleveland for a visit.
May 24 at 10:13pm · Like

Jackie Schaefer Sennish Looks great
May 24 at 10:36pm · Like

Rose E Carroll Branham Looks awesome!
May 25 at 12:32am · Like

Joyce Conway Looks great! Congrats on smooth move

JEllen said...

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Jill Finley Oh my goodness! It looks so cute!! I wish I could come see it in person.
May 23 at 12:40am · Like · 1

Toni Selman
May 23 at 12:43am · Like · 1

Michele Merin-Campbell Shop looks beautiful 'll so nice spending quality time with you ,,, you gave me good luck I won 1.05 at mahj
May 23 at 1:07am · Like · 1

Nan Webb Yay!!
May 23 at 5:58am · Like

Rita McFarland Fishel It looks lovely!!
May 23 at 6:15am · Like

Janice Maze Your shop is just beautiful and I really enjoyed myself yesterday. All my fellow guild members you have to go to Jellen's shop.
May 23 at 6:21am · Like · 1

Leslie Ann Beautiful! The Happy store is open again!
May 23 at 6:21am · Like

Marie Bostwick Congratulations!!
May 23 at 6:31am · Like

Kelly Ann Wooliever Richardson Looks Amazing...
May 23 at 6:45am · Like

Rita Minamyer So pretty!
May 23 at 6:49am · Like

Gerri Richards Looks fantastic! So nice a bright and inspiring!
May 23 at 7:37am · Like

Diane Wantz Looks fabulous!
May 23 at 8:05am · Like

Vicki Simpson Krohn It was wonderful to visit your new shop, and even better to see and chat with you! I admire you so much. Best of luck with your new digs!
May 23 at 8:16am · Like

Susan Tuttle Blalock It looks so beautiful and homey! Congrats!
May 23 at 9:20am · Like

Virginia Brancato Trimmer I love the look and Welcome back! Sorry I missed Sarah!
May 23 at 11:23am · Like

Angela Spalsbury Yay!!! We really wanted to make it in yesterday. See you soon.
May 23 at 7:00pm · Like

MaryAnn Grayson Welcome back!

Dressmaking Fabric said...

Congratulations on your new home sweet home, hope to visit this store of yours in the near future. I love the way you arrange those fabrics.

Diane E W said...

I think it was to your advantage that you had to make the move. I know it was stressful and probably cost you, but the new place is beautiful. Oh I love the picture I hope one day to be able to stop in with my (DS) son and meet Sarah and you.