Thursday, April 10, 2014

signs of life ahead...

we've been working hard trying to get our new building operational. it all happened so fast without much time to think and truthfully there are moments when i am second guessing myself. i start to wonder if this is really what was planned for us. and then today...
...i discover a purple crocus next to our very special bird from marie bostwick that i just plopped on the ground as we were moving last week. that new sign of life, a sneak peak into the beautiful days of springtime ahead, is just what i needed to get me back in the swing of things.

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JEllen said...

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Dolores Wynkoop I just love seeing the first flowers of Spring!
April 10 at 1:18pm · Like

Maureen Diver Yes. It is worth it!
April 10 at 3:51pm · Like

Mary Ellen Beebe You belong where you are at the moment. Cannot wait to see the shop.
April 10 at 4:21pm · Like

Lee Lorek Knox It's always nice to get those little signs to give us affirmation in those times of uncertainty, when we are questioning our decisions, letting us know we are on the right path!
April 10 at 4:51pm · Like

Molly Harry Campbell It all happened with such perfect timing! You just have to think that there was a Master planner!!
April 10 at 5:04pm · Like

Anne Larson Everything happens for a reason and for the most part it's always there to make you life better....looking forward to seeing the new place
April 11 at 8:57am · Like

Debi Jenks I love the signs that the universe sends us
April 12 at 8:35am · Like