Monday, March 31, 2014

this chapter complete...

we did it! thanks to an amazing crew from spark's moving and storage, an awesome son and daughter-in-love, Juliann Lafferty Ely how will I ever repay you for your help, and an accommodating office staff who worked right up to the minute we pulled their computers out from under them and started up as soon as they sat in their new space ten minutes later, and an awesome higher power for orchestrating something so magnificent even we had trouble keeping up with the plan.
john and i walked out of a building we have occupied for seventeen years feeling relieved, satisfied, and although exhausted, ready to jump into the next chapter of our lives with gusto. for everyone who had a part in making this all happen, we humbly thank you. we could never do what we do without the help of so many. 


JEllen said...

Darlene Gerber Can't wait to see the new store!!
April 1 at 10:25am · Like

Janice Maze I'm happy for you
April 1 at 10:40am · Like

Angie Pohlman Congratulations Joyce! Whew!
April 1 at 10:54am · Like

Debi Jenks When do you open
April 1 at 11:09am · Like

Julius Bremer Looking forward to shopping in your new location. Congrats on your smooth transition.
April 1 at 12:25pm · Like · 1

Virginia Brancato Trimmer so glad and can't wait til I see you open and totally satisfied. God is so good....
April 1 at 2:30pm · Like

Laura M. Croom So glad the move is over for you and I'm looking forward to coming to the new store!
April 1 at 7:21pm · Like

Jill Finley I'm so happy for you!
April 1 at 8:16pm · Like

Leslie Ann Closing a door, opening a window on a bright and happy future! Congratulations to you both!!
April 1 at 10:10pm · Like

Susan Schwartz Bittersweet. Cheers to your great experience, and to you next chapter
April 1 at 10:18pm · Like

Michele Merin-Campbell A new beginning !!!! Best of luck
April 1 at 11:27pm · Like

Diane Wantz You are an inspiration

quilter000 said...

Oh my What an awesome selfie of you two!!!