Thursday, March 27, 2014

an update...

ok so just what is going on you ask?

the short story is we are in the midst of moving two businesses, one of which has been at 5259 for seventeen years. so we are digging out...literally. as with everything in life, there are compromises... some things you win, some things you give up.

at 5255 mayfield, also known as the hamilton insurance building, we have won big time with a mostly one floor plan. that right there is going to be a life changer, for our knees especially. the front door is designed differently. sarah has gained her own office. that for sure she will love and give her a cozy space to meet with families who come to visit her. we have additional parking spaces and a side street next to the building for overflow. we have not one but two front windows for showcasing beautiful quilts.

but there are things that will be different. the old building had built in charm. there is no question of that. the furniture all came over and it fits. my challenge will be to bring you a shop that still inspires in the space we now have.

one thing i want to be very up front about...the building is still for sale. yes, a buyer could come along tomorrow and we would need to vacate in thirty days or so. why don't we just buy the building you ask? well for one, we are tired. exhausted really. so we need to take some time to breath. buying a building is a huge commitment.

in the meantime, we are setting up shop. we hope to open in the next few weeks. i will post more details as time goes on. thank you for your patience, love and support.

p.s. i've saved the best news for last...we will have girl scout cookies when we return!!


Karen said...

Congratulations and good luck. Just wish I lived nearby and not on the other side of the world!
I will watch with interest!

mathangie said...

Yay! I'm so excited for the new shop. We will all love it Joyce!

JEllen said...

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Renee Fink Henning Hang in there. Stress clouds our vision! I have no doubt you will turn this space into something very inspiring!
March 27 at 1:21pm · Like · 1

Susan Campbell Beall No fear. This new space will be charming, too.
March 27 at 1:32pm · Like · 2

Rebecca Sevachko Toman Good luck.
March 27 at 1:37pm · Like

Laura M. Croom I am sure it will be a wonderful quilt shop !
March 27 at 1:38pm · Like · 1

Cathy Veverka What a nice surprise & GOOD LUCK! As my birthday is 4/15, guess I'll treat myself to a visit to the new shop for birthday treats! Congrats!
March 27 at 1:52pm · Like · 2

Brenda Roffe It will be a fantastic quilt shop no matter where you stay or go. Not only do you have wonderful fabrics and accessories but also a friendly personality that keeps us coming! You make us feel at home when we are at your shop. I can't wait for you to open and not just for the girl scout cookies!
March 27 at 1:58pm · Like · 2

Kathy Russ Dear friend, the fact that you have gotten what you needed is awesome! I wouldn't worry about the "charm"...because a building or a shop is just that a building...a's what You bring to it that makes it beautiful, charming, elegant, creative...and I have no doubt you will make this space a wonderful experience for your clientele...
March 27 at 2:02pm · Like · 2

Sandy Mathews Kalmeyer It will be beautiful and still carry the kinds of fabrics that I love!
March 27 at 2:03pm · Like · 1

Jill Kalajainen DeBartolo Thank you for taking the time to update us. You'll succeed creating the shop you want. Best wishes.
March 27 at 2:14pm · Like · 1

Leslie Delamater Anderson Aitken Get a lease!! That way it doesn't matter who buys the building.
March 27 at 2:16pm · Like · 1

Caryn Moore I think you could give just about any space a lot of charm. You do a wonderful job of decorating. Can't wait to see the new space.
March 27 at 2:21pm · Like · 1

Nancy Doubler I know you'll make it just as adorable as the other place! See you in April~~
March 27 at 2:21pm · Like · 1

Janice Maze It looks great already
March 27 at 2:23pm · Like · 1

Debbie Roberts-Francis It looks great! Can't wait to see it come together!
March 27 at 2:26pm · Like · 1

JEllen said...

Sue Mayes It looks beautiful already.. ...see you soon.
March 27 at 2:30pm · Like · 1

Leslie Ann You are a gem! The charm comes from you and Sarah so no worries there. Love the look already! Have fun and can't wait to celebrate your return! Really though, you've never left us relax and have a good time decorating and playing with colors the way you do!!!
March 27 at 2:50pm · Like · 3

Debby Warthen Pam Shannon looks like a road trip next month!
March 27 at 3:02pm · Like

Maureen Diver Terrific news! Congrats! See you soon.
March 27 at 3:14pm · Like

Michele Merin-Campbell looking forward to seeing all your new ideas good luck!!!!
March 27 at 3:17pm · Like

Patti Kaliszewski It will be fabulous - because of you and Sarah!
March 27 at 4:17pm · Like

Mary Clewell Hobart Can't wait........and we love Girl Scout cookies!
March 27 at 4:19pm · Like

Lois Buck Wow, can't wait to visit. Quilt fabric and Girl Scout cookies all in one place, just a little bit of heaven.
March 27 at 4:22pm · Like · 1

Jullianne Raimo I agree you will make it an inspiring location!!! And we can pray the building does not sell for years and years!
March 27 at 4:42pm · Like

Lila Boehler does the ladies room work?looks GOOOD
March 27 at 5:20pm · Like

JEllen's house of fabric just had the plumber here Lila Boehler. It works!
March 27 at 5:23pm · Like · 2

Theresa Bruni Maxwell Looks wonderful already! Can't wait to see the finished product!
March 27 at 6:20pm · Like

Judy Rightmire McKay looks beautify already.
March 27 at 6:55pm · Like

Bonnie Olson Svetlik It looks great now. I didn't expect to see it so soon.
March 27 at 7:53pm · Like

Carole Behlke Glad to see your efforts.
March 27 at 9:43pm · Like

Chris Elsbree Lippincott Having moved our shop several times, I understand your are tired and exhausted, but so many here are will have a fabulous shop no matter where you are, because of what is in your hearts! Best wishes for a wonderful transition to your next quilty home!
March 27 at 9:44pm · Like · 1

Robin Rosner Looks wonderful...can't wait to visit...and buy some cookies too!
March 27 at 10:12pm · Like