Sunday, July 28, 2013

a triple miracle

we had a little visitor in the shop this weekend. her grandmother marcy and i have been friends for a very long time. we were girl scout leaders back in the day when our girls were young. sadly her daughter had some medical issues as a teenager and was told she would never have children.


during the pregnancy, they discovered that sweet bella had a tumor growing on her stomach the size of a fist. she was whisked away immediately after birth for surgery. and now look...

a triple miracle!!!
on a side note...marcy is also the realtor who was combing northeast ohio with us to find the perfect setting for the new home for sarah and her grandparents. life sure does come full circle in a beautiful way.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


sarah and i did something yesterday that we have not done before...we went awol...mia...yes we just disappeared in the middle of the afternoon. it's been a hard week for her, so when she started crying after realizing she would not in fact be seeing a relative she thought she would...

i suggested we go to the pool after the store closed. but first we had to run down to city hall to get her pass renewed. i put a sign on the door that said we would be back in 20 minutes. instead, it took us over two hours because the city now requires a doctor to confirm that the applicant truly has a disability.

so momma called the doctor and the doctor said...nothing about monkeys jumping on the bed...but that she was about to jump on a plane and her office would be closed for the next two weeks. say what? have you ever seen a grown woman cry? yea...that would be me...walking by the police window where others wept because their loved ones were in a holding cell...i shed tears over a pool pass. seriously...i can't make this stuff up.

so off we raced to the doctor's office where we waited, and waited, and waited, and waited for her to sign the form confirming that sarah indeed has down syndrome, thus qualifying for a disability pool pass. 

the good news...i took a nap by the pool last night while sarah enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine...for free...thank you city of south euclid...

so what's the POINT of all this? if you came to our store yesterday, only to find the door locked...PLEASE CALL ME.     440-684-9830 Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

christmas in july shop hop

we are participating in a shop hop with eleven other shops. we are known as the neo christmas in july shop hop. it started on the 12th and runs thru the 25th.  this year there are trees. lots and lots of twinkling trees. each shop has a tree block. if you get to all twelve shops you will have the patterns and materials to complete a quilt. i like our tree...

it's fun and festive. you are able to start the hop at any of the  twelve shops. for more details, click this link. each shop has a free gift and the chance to enter a drawing for a goodie basket. there will also be a chance at grand prizes for those completing the hop.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

red, white & boom...

it's that time of year when we celebrate all things patriotic...

and because the best way to party in a fabric store is a sale...all red, white or blue fabric will be just $6.00 per yard this week only* July 2 - 6.  and YES we will be OPEN on the 4th of July from 10-4.
*price does not apply to previous purchases and sorry no special orders or rainchecks.