Wednesday, June 26, 2013

not a good day... be this coca cola driver

he uses our neighbor's driveway to pull into, then backs into the get-go gas station for delivery. today there was a slight problem...the power line was exceptionally low...possibly from the horrendous storm last night. what happened next was a tad frightening.  we heard a huge explosion sound. followed by loss of electricity in our building. we looked out the front window to see downed power lines stretching across mayfield road. sparking high into the air. then fire. that's when i called 911. and guess what? cars drove right over them. not such a good idea as we watched sparks fire under them.

the police arrived quickly and taped off the area including our driveway. therefore we are closed for the remainder of the day.

sarah was not too happy about this. she was just about to start a new quilt.

but then she decided she might as well watch the excitement, so she joined her dad and brother outside.  

thank goodness for the power crews. they are already on site as we were leaving the parking lot.

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Sabrina said...

I wouldn't be stupid enough to drive over downed power lines with my car, even if my car IS old, especially when the lines are sparking! Some people are just...well...yeah.

Glad you guys were safe! Sorry you had to close though. I'm sure you'll make up for it quickly though! :)