Sunday, April 7, 2013

when baby stars align...

i have such a wonderful story to saturday afternoon a young woman came in inquiring about creating a baby quilt. she had come across the idea on pinterest but was not sure how to go about it.  i made a few suggestions. after talking for a few minutes, she shared that i might know the baby mama because she has a sister with down syndrome. well...not only do i know her and her family, she was in the first girl scout troop that i agreed to lead shortly after sarah was born, so i've known her since she was seven or so. 

the plan was for the participants at stephanie's baby shower to each create a message on a square. then they would be brought to us and we would take it from there. the blocks arrived and immediately they went onto our design wall...

we did not know the gender of the baby, but we did know that stephanie loves polk-a-dots. we quickly stitched it up, diane wantz our long arm gal did her magic and soon...
sarah was putting the binding on.  oh i should probably mention that stephanie is a special ed teacher. which just makes the connection even greater.

i must admit i was blown away with the creativity of all involved. just look at some of the blocks.

the quilt is done and happily presented to the waiting parents.

at the request of the inspirer...believe it or not her name truly is sara joyce...we created a label on the back...complete with our sarah's infamous four legged "e." 
we did have one extra block and decided to use it to create a "baby's first rag quilt."

we are now just patiently awaiting the news that baby carroll has arrived. a perfect kiss is waiting for him/her.

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