Tuesday, March 19, 2013

olive grace studios

it was suppose to be a beautiful, yet cold sunday. a perfect day for a little road trip.  so sarah and i got up early and headed for fowler township in cortland, ohio.

with the exception of a very brief period when i lived in grand rapids, michigan, i've called ohio my home.  over the years, i've traveled throughout the state for both work and pleasure.  yet somehow i've missed this corner of the buckeye state. 
as we turned off of state route 305 onto route 193, also known as youngstown-kingsville road, we were greeted by a charming gazebo complete with a general store and a saloon now turned salon. it felt reminiscent of yesteryear for sure. driving just a short distance down the road, we spotted our destination...

olive grace studios.  one does not need to even step foot inside to recognize that it is going to be an unforgettable experience. 

once we pushed open the side door, our expectations were not disappointed. in fact, there really are no words to describe that first wave of delight.

everywhere you look there are adorable attractions to catch your eye. such as this delightful bunting created with the new 2 1/2" candy precuts by moda.
the display pieces are also worthy of inspection.  this antique cupboard is just perfect for the eclectic collection of trims and ribbons.     

the owner, kori turner, also has her own line of patterns available.

by square footage standards, this shop is not large. yet the details of each display are so extraordinaire, you leave feeling extremely satisfied. i do believe i circled the original hard wood floors at least a dozen times before taking my selection to the cutting counter.  
all the while, sarah was as content as can be sitting with her new friend. while we were there i forgot to mention to sarah there is another reason to love kori, she and her new hubby josh are the ultimate buckeye fans.  but don't just take my word for it...click on over to their exquisite scarlet and gray wedding photos taken by Genevieve Nisly.

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