Saturday, March 2, 2013

heartfelt words by marie...

Almost four years ago to the day, I walked out of United Way and my not-for-profit career for the last time. I thought I was coming home to create peace for my precious Sarah who the doctors thought might be entering the last phase of her life and suggested we bring in hospice services.

Little did I know that an entirely new path had been laid out for us. Several months later we opened the doors of a tiny little boutique quilt shop which has been given a mission with arms that are far reaching beyond just fabric. Yesterday we opened the cover of a book by New York Times best selling author Marie Bostwick to find this heart warming sentiment...

I absolutely could never have predicted the turns our life would take or the fact that when we walked out of that hospital room in February 2009, we would not return, as Sarah's health has never been more perfect. 

Thank you to all who are supporting our efforts.  Without our wonderful customers, our story would not be what it is today.

And to Marie, thank you for including us in your journey.  Your friendship means the world to us.


debbie @ happy little cottage said...

How wonderful!! Your shop really is something special. I can't wait to visit you again soon! xoxo

JEllen said...

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Susan Campbell Beall: An acknowledgment in a friend's new book! How many times in a lifetime does that happen? Way too cool!

And congratulations on the store, it's such a happy place.

Saturday at 7:48pm via mobile

Gayle Mosher Norman Aren't God's plans so much better than ours!?!

Saturday at 8:03pm ·

Lori Compton what is the title of the book?

Saturday at 8:21pm

Kathy Kulbago I have been reading Marie Bostwick for about 3 years and feel like I know her. How wonderful to see you both in her new book.

Saturday at 8:27pm

Leigh A. Beuoy Thank YOU.

Saturday at 9:34pm

Laurie Pattison Kowalski That is wonderful! You and Sarah have been such an inspiration to me and so many others.

Saturday at 10:47pm

Lee Lorek Knox Beautiful! God can makes things work out in ways we would never imagine!!