Wednesday, August 29, 2012

color happiness...

a new delivery of batiks from timeless treasures has just arrived...

we've decided to arrange them on the round tables because they do so remind us of a color wheel in which i find great happiness.  

Sunday, August 26, 2012

sweet katie

if you were in the shop during the fall and winter, you may remember the "coins for katie" jar we had on the counter.  we were helping to raise some funds for an amazing family in tennessee. they had committed to rescuing katie from the orphanage she was living in. just because she had down syndrome.  this weekend we got to meet katherine ruth...

she is such a cutie pie. i can't wait to watch what she does as she grows up. she is a smart girl for sure. thank you to our customers who helped our efforts and thank you to katie's family for bringing her to see us.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

winner, winner

chicken dinner. no not really chicken, rather a fat quarter bundle. our last quessing game no one really guessed what was in that box. yes it was riley blake, but we needed something a little more specific. like costume clubhouse.  still i feel bad not picking a winner, because we like winners. so...i numbered all the entries 1 thru 45 and went to

and it selected # 7...

which is erin.  please send us an email with your contact info and we will get your fat quarter bundle right out to you.  thanks to everyone for playing along.  be sure to follow us daily for our next fun game.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

costume clubhouse...

so...just what was in that box you ask?

a bit of riley blake's costume clubhouse. we have fat quarter bundles, ten inch stackers, rolie polies and a bolt of the main fabric.  by not going to market this past spring, i sorta blew it on this one. much is already sold out. like the banners:( at least the purple was still in stock. not for long though for us. three yards already sold this afternoon.

Monday, August 20, 2012

it's time for a guessing... What do you think will be coming in this next shipment?...

A fat quarter bundle could be yours if you guess correctly.  Winner will be selected from all responding correctly to the question. It's easy just leave your answer on this post.  Contest closes at midnight on August 21.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

like a white tornado...

oh my. it is so rare this happens. mrs. clean has been working overtime...

preparing all four front tables for the next big arrival.  i wonder what it will be?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

from the heart...

when i walked away from a long and rewarding career three years ago to take care of our sweet sarah as her health was deteriorating before our eyes, i had no idea what the future held. today i have a small glimpse...our second year in the quilt business has come and gone.  a super quick twelve months filled with bright and beautiful fabric, appreciative and returning customers, new friendships, and happiness galore.  we are sincerely grateful.

as with any new venture, there is a certain amount of uncertainty. will it survive? maybe even thrive?  i'd like to think we have passed the infancy stage, chugged into the toddler phase and there we sit in the midst of the sandbox. observing, learning, and anticipating our next steps.  it has not all been easy. we have certainly had our share of growing pains. we've identified somes obstacles. questioned the intent of a few. had our hearts broken a time or two. 

we've had our vision questioned.  our mission doubted.  there have been temper tantrums, by both us and a visitor. we've had checks bounce and products stolen. we've been lied to and had untrue rumors spread. 

but in the end, the challenges do not come close to the fun we've had and the laughter we've shared. the greatest gift of all...sarah is still by my side...alive...which i am grateful for each and every day.

thank you so very much for helping to make our dream come true.  thank you for sticking with us. we look forward to the excitement of a new year!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

sweetness everywhere...

there really are no words necessary... just doesn't get any sweeter than beautiful madeline coming to the counter to thank us for the candy treats.  how blessed we are with the sweetest of customers.

Friday, August 10, 2012

tummy candy...

we often hear our store described as eye candy. and we thank you for the accolades.  this week, for our sweet treat extravaganza to celebrate our 2nd anniversary, it has also been filled with tummy candy...

have you gotten your fill yet?  if not, come on in. i must advise that we are not responsible for cavities, missing crowns, or broken teeth.  just pure goodness.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

our first class...

we are so fortunate to be surrounded by such talent.  our very first class is this saturday from 10-1 and it is a very special one.  sunshine and lollipops...

was created just for us during our sweet treat extravaganza.  it is being taught be a very fun gal...vickie eapan.  vickie's quilts have been on the covers of several magazines, featured in the moda bake shop book released this past year and soon vickie will have her very own book on the shelves being published by martingale.  this class is designed for the beginning level quilter. it will help perfect your cutting, stitching and working with triangles.  the class is limited to six and each person will have their own machine to work on.  the fee is $35 and includes a yummy lunch.  we still have two spaces available and we will take your reservation over the phone. we will give greater details of supplies needed once you register.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

sweet treat extravaganza

so hard to believe this week we celebrate our 2nd anniversary.  and that means it is time for...

SWEET TREAT EXTRAVAGANZA when all precuts from the Moda Bake Shop are on sale!!

Charm packs = $5.00
Layer Cakes = $20.00
Jelly Rolls = $20.00
Patterns = 50% off
Books = 50% off

and the store is FULL of candy!!
Hurry, this only lasts for one week 
 8/7 - 8/11 

*price does not apply to previous purchases and no rain checks will be given

Monday, August 6, 2012

halloweenie time...

if you have been in our store you know how we love halloween...

fun new arrivals this year from moda, riley blake and michael miller.  a few sweet treats around too.