Friday, December 28, 2012

at capacity... was probably the craziest day ever in the house of fabric today. never should there be that many people in one place at one time. forty two is the determined number of our capacity.

 just a fair warning we may need to limit access tomorrow. please do not take offense, just know it is for EVERYONE's safety. if we reach capacity we will need to ask for you to wait in the lobby or outside until others come out. we will have someone at the door directing this effort. thank you in advance for your understanding. 

please also know you may park in the lot next to our building - on the west side -or on the sidestreet.  please do not double park in the back lot. we had a car go over the edge today. the fall is over two feet and a tow truck was needed.

yikes!! who knew fabric could be so exciting!!!

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Emily said...

Wow! Big business!