Sunday, November 11, 2012

hugging a friend...

there is something magical about this laptop i type into late every night. i connect with like minded people. we converse back and forth, we follow each others blogs and facebook pages. we share creativity on sites like etsy. somehow we become friends without ever meeting. and then life serendipitously brings us together in a hotel hallway...

...and it's like we've known each other since birth. this is crystal and her very handsome little man. sarah loved him!

she is also the brains behind frivolous necessity and the creator of many of the quilts hanging in our store. i do not believe i have every shared ahead of time the fabric that we have ordered. yet somehow, crystal just knows. she gives the extra special touch to our walls and displays.

katrina too was so happy to get to meet her. they share the same compulsion for perfectly matched corners and spot on color coordination.

we decided to walk over to guadalajara for lunch. it's been a long time since sarah and i have dined with a toddler and how fun it was.  
meeting crystal and kayson made our trip to houston all the more perfect.  so thankful for the sweet memories.

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Crystal Stanworth said...

I'm not sure I could say that dining with a toddler is fun... though we often try it :) I loved meeting you and Sarah and Katrina in real life!! You are just as wonderful as I imagined and I must come up with excuses to come visit you guys next!