Friday, October 5, 2012

one pillowcase at a time...

i had a post already to go today. it was going to talk about these two gals...

sarah with her blogging friend kristen
and the pillowcases sarah made for her
while she was waiting for
a bone marrow transplant
and how kristen's light shines so brightly 

in the hundreds of pillowcases sarah
and our friends in the store made
to give to kids in the hospital
in memory of kristen
who unfortunately lost her battle
with the dreaded cancer
i was going to tell you about the day kristen's mom polly and i
had a chance encounter with
jennifer keltner the executive editor of american patchwork and quilting
at quilt market in salt lake city  
i was going to mention the day that news anchor kristi capel
 selected sarah as her hometown hero
for her dedication to the
one million pillowcase challenge
i was going to tell you more about the day the television cameras
 followed us to the cleveland clinic children's hospital
 for a delivery of fifty cases
to the very floor that
 sarah spent so much of her life
following her open heart surgery
and the placement of her permanent trach
and the many months following
 because of severly damaged lungs

and then i was going to talk more about the excitement we feel
 that jennifer keltner is coming
 to our little house of fabric this saturday...
 but then i read this comment that
polly kirton, a grieving mother
 left on a facebook posting yesterday
 and nothing, absolutely nothing
i say can come close
 to defining the difference that one pillowcase can make...
"Wish I could come. A simple pillowcase can mean so very much. I have slept with Kristen's pillow and the blue princess pillowcase that Sarah made every day since Kristen died. She took her last breath with her head on that very same pillowcase. I will treasure it forever."
Please join us October 6
10 - 5
fabric and machines will be provided
breakfast and lunch too
door prizes galore
we simply need your time
and talents
whether they be sewing, pressing or packing
just come
thank you for helping us
make a difference
one pillowcase at a time

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Cindy said...

I wish we lived closer!!!