Sunday, September 2, 2012

shopping cart sweetness...

i had a few bankers in this week looking about the building. the one was telling the other that a quilt shop is sorta like a cult. in a good way, he exclaimed, quickly realizing that i might take offense to that analogy.

i prefer to think of it as a large, extended, happy, family.  i am like the aunt, a role i especially love because i am not one in real life. each time the little one visits, i get to gushingly say, "oh my golly look how big she is."  and i get to spoil them by giving them candy and letting them do fun things around the house... pushing the cart with the marble bias tape along with one of our house dogs stacked on top.  remi. what. a. doll. i just want to scoop her up every time she comes in.  and pinch those precious cheeks. hi remi:)

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