Monday, January 30, 2012

the fifty dollar guess...

i am simply giddy when things turn out even better than one can anticipate. remember the bolt guessing game? we had a winner. spot on. the final count was exactly 104 bolts...

and the reply from slfranks4 read 104.   i was unable to link to her email from the blog response. so i posted it here and on facebook.  several days went by and i heard nothing. just as i was about to send out a last minute sos, i recieved an email from shannon, thrilled to be the winner.

you want to know how she guessed the correct number?  she didn't. her seven year old daughter did. turns out it is her school id number. sweet is that!!! rumor has it though...there may be an ongong discussion as to who gets to pick the fabric on their next visit:)  we can't wait to see you shannon and ella!!

it pays to follow jellen's blog...stay tuned for our next give-a-way very soon.

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