Sunday, December 25, 2011

sunday sweetness...

our sunday sweetness this week is so very special to us.  we are going to introduce you to all of the sweet angels we have been able to sponsor this holiday season through reece's rainbow because of the generosity of you, our wonderful customers with your gift card donations. 

sunny born august 2011

serena born august 2011

kylen born august 2011

maribel has found her family

mara born january 11

emilie has found her family

all of these precious girls were born with down syndrome and are currently living in orphanages.  they are available for adoption unless they have been fortunate enough to have found their family during this holiday angel tree mission. the cost of adoption is quite high which is why we have committed to financially help as many families as possible.  thank you for helping us do that. 


To Love Endlessly said...

amazing all the angels you were able to donate to...praying they find their forever families quickly!

Kim said...

Maribel and Emilie are two of my favorites - we sponsored Emilie too, and I've gotten to know her mama on facebook. She's going to be a lucky little girl. She will also have a sister, Abigail from RR. Thank you for sponsoring so many little sweeties. You are so generous!

Kim at