Monday, October 3, 2011

the state fair...

have you been following the moda country fair blog hop? i've loved seeing all the pictures and hearing about how fairs have been such a part of so many lives. as i was reading all month long, it brought back memories for me of one of my favorite trips with my girl scouts...

the year was 2001. the ohio state fair has a large parade each day where one girl scout troop was selected to carry the flags. to be selected you had to apply in march, which we did. and then sarah got sick. really sick. by june, the doctors had sent us home with very little hope of her survival. i truthfully wasn't sure she would make it to her birthday, let alone the fair.  but sarah and her higher power had other plans.   

and there she is, walking in the parade carrying the gold and brown flag representing brownie girl scouts. she had a smile plastered from ear to ear. 

i had never seen her so alive. and having so much fun.  later in the evening, we had gotten caught in a torrential down pour. the girls didn't care. i think it even made it more fun. we always had a wheelchair with us, just in case sarah needed it, but she rarely used it.

the next day was just for fun. rides and fair food. sarah loved the french fries and i'm a sucker for fresh squeezed lemonade and elephant ears.

even i got in on the ride fun. although sarah tells me i screamed louder than she did. and she's probably correct on that.

i will never forgot that experience at the ohio state fair. good times had by all. such an amazing week full of miracles. for which i'm so thankful.  if you'd like to see more pics of our trip to the fair, click on over to sarah's blog.

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