Wednesday, August 31, 2011

back to school sale

did you know we have over 100 moda marbles in stock now?

and this week they are all on sale for just $5.00 per yard.  no limits. no fine print. other than hurry. sale ends this saturday, september 3.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

summer nights...

...are coming to an end i'm afraid. i feel the dampness and mild chill setting in when the sun goes down.  that means it's time to change the front window...

...i love autumn. i really, really do. yet it will be hard to take this one down. summer house by lily ashbury for moda, has been the most talked about window display we've done to date.  the bright colors sparkle from the busy street when the sky goes dark and the spotlights come on.

folks who rarely, if ever, have a needle in their hand have been stopping me at the bank, grocery store and sporting events to tell me how it has caught their attention. summer house is supported perfectly with just wing it by momo on the left and spirit by lila tueller on the right. 

much of the fabric has sold from the night i took this picture. i'm finding it is hard to sell the last yard or so from some of my favorite bolts.  though it's a temporary sadness i've learned.  replaced with an extreme happy satisfaction as customers return to show the fabric in their completed creations.

the beautiful hanging quilt was made by helen of pine tree lodge.  the table topper on the left by crystal of frivolous necessity.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

nine dots...sarah's way...

yesterday i posted my favorite sarah is showing hers...

customers often ask how i select what comes into the store. usually it is just my love for the fabric. it was a bit different with nine dots, i ordered this collection sight unseen. i've never done this before. yet there was a reason.

a few months back there was a rather ugly debate going around the blogosphere. it started by a few bloggers questioning the current status of quilting and whether the introduction of pre-cuts and simple patterns had "dummied down" the industry. as i read the original posts and the comment threads, i could not help but feel the premise was basically stating that projects were now so easy any "mentally challenged person" could do them.  and as a mother of a daughter with down syndrome, that hit a raw nerve. 

so i left a comment on a blog. carrie nelson's to be exact. how she got pulled into this conversation i'm still not sure, as her patterns are definitely not simple in my book. here is what i wrote...I am so delayed in joining this conversation, missed the post you are referencing however, what exactly does "dumbing or dumming down" mean? As a shop owner who's mission is to employ young adults with developmental disabilities, I can't help but wonder if it is either directly or indirectly making light of this population of individuals. Whether we are novices or experts in the fiber arts world, why would we need to do this? Why the need to be so critical?  

within the hour, i received an email back from carrie. it was kind, thoughtful and apologetic to think her words or the words of others could be taken this way. i was most impressed and appreciative of her time. we continued to email back and forth for a few days. unfortunately carrie was not able to make it to quilt market and i was unable to see her newest fabric collection. when i returned home i ordered it anyway, feeling a human connection to a beautiful soul. quite honestly i was just a little nervous to open the box. huge sigh of relief combined with extreme excitement!! nine dots truly did not disappoint. it is eye candy for sure.  

hop over to carrie’s blog to read more about her interpretation of nine dots.

for all of you wondering if we have fat quarter bundles available...

...we're working on it. they should be ready by mid afternoon. that is if a certain someone doesn't decide to take another nap:)

Monday, August 22, 2011

simply dreamy...

a feeling of tranquility radiates from these bolts...

nine dots by carrie nelson of miss rosie's quilt co for henry glass fabrics. in soft yellow, grays and aqua. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

beach babes...

it's not often the perfect pair of models are in the store together...

sarah's music therapist, bonnie of the groovy garfoose just happened to stop by for a visit as we were opening our going coastal treasures.  quilt by lu of for the love designs. apron by suzy of the apron addict. and the cute dress by jessie of jamn'jelli. come in and experience the waves with us.

Friday, August 19, 2011

going coastal...

we are starting to receive fabric that we ordered at spring quilt market. and that is super exciting. the most recent delivery is our very first from michael miller fabrics. and the first fabric collection designed by emily herrick...

we had the pleasure of meeting emily and chatting for some time. her inspirational journey to market is one to read for sure. a very recent encounter with thyroid cancer, has left her with a scar in her neck. and that is something to which our sarah can very much relate. so they shared stories of healing, fabric sensitivities, and shirt necklines, while i drooled over going coastal.

the funny thing is...i don't often, as in extremely rarely, go to a coast. i don't boat. i don't own a beach house. i don't eat crab. but there is just something about going coastal that i absolutely love.  and i think you will too.  it's on the shelves today.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

got crabs?

apparently there is a rumor floating around...

that we have a box...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

sweetness everywhere...

such a week. our appreciation to all of our friends and customers overfloweth.  we are so fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

just in case you missed it, we had not just one but two designing celebrities in the house on saturday...vickie eapen of spun sugar quilts and a surprise visit by rebecca silbaugh of ruby blue quilting studio.  how exciting for us and all gathered around.

vickie not only autographed the page with her pattern in the new and delightful book, fresh fabric treats, she also gave us a demonstration of paper piecing.  late breaking update...see that adorable little bag...the one with the bright green zipper...if you hop on over to the moda bake shop you will find a tutorial to make your own...compliments of vickie. 

it is always fascinating to watch a new technique or even if it's not new, picking up little pointers from those more experienced.  such as...tiny little needles make for tiny little stitches.  btw...that quilt draped on the table...the one made with me & my sister...that's the real thing.   

vickie was so gracious to pose for pics with our customers, velta and paula...

...and with the chief fabric organizer and the birthday girl. thank you everyone. we are off to a great beginning into year two. we are more excited than ever.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sweet treat extravaganza...

it only happens once in a lifetime. so we decided to make it sweet and grand...

please join us for
our first anniversary
sweet treat extravaganza
where all treats are on
jelly rolls ~ $20.00
layer cakes ~ $20.00
honey buns ~ $15.00
charm packs ~ $5.00
and just to make it even sweeter
all patterns are 50% off
marked prices
and if that is not sweet enough
we will even stamp your
frequent buyer cards during this sale
hurry though
it only lasts for three days
thursday, august 11
friday, august 12
saturday, august 13

plus...on saturday, august 13 from
10:30 ~ 12:30
Vickie Eapen
of Spun Sugar Quilts will be in the store...

to autograph your Fresh Fabric Treats book.  Vickie is an amazing woman, talented quilter, cover girl, pattern designer, wife, mother and lucky for us, a friend.  If you already own a copy of this great book, feel free to bring it with you.  If you don't yet have your own personal copy we will have them available for $20.00 with all proceeds going to Reece's Rainbow

Friday, August 5, 2011

more treats arriving...

have you heard the news?...

...we are having a sweet treat week...stay tuned for details.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

worth every calorie...

the secret is out...

stay tuned for a sweet treat of a deal coming up very soon.