Sunday, June 12, 2011

our final moments...

it was time to say goodbye to salt lake city, utah.  this is one trip we will truly never forget. for so very many priceless reasons.

we know we are late heading back to the hotel, so our room key will likely not work. i decide we may as well have one last hurrah before departing. something i've wanted to do for the last few days, but found too many people around for it to be safe. until now...

ready, two, three...go...(bag by sandradembroidery)

this is where i put the camera on point and shoot while chasing after the run-a-way chair.  sarah laughs until she's giddy. then requests to do it again. and so we do. until we are both. out. of. breath. but oh the fun we have.

at the bottom of the incline is a rotunda filled with an interesting set of chimes. we take a minute to just listen.

to soak up our final moments. moments that many will never understand. that's ok. i've come to accept it. sarah and i are a team. a unique team, yet a pairing i wouldn't trade for anything.

as we walk out into the warm, sunny, utah air, i breathe deeply. so very thankful for this time spent with friends. for sarah's health, which i don't take for granted when we travel. for my health. for having the financial backing to be able to afford such a trip when so many others are struggling. thank you to all who have helped us. 

before we leave, we have one more stop to make. i ask our taxi driver if she will drive us around the block before heading to the airport. she gladly obliges. 

what would a trip to salt lake city be without a view of temple square. truly more breathtaking than any photo can display. the sky was picture perfect. postcard blue with big white fluffy clouds. i so appreciate the lds members who support us in cleveland and those who helped with our dedication and moment of prayer for kristen's family.

most of our readers know this trip was not just about quilt market. it was about meeting polly and her family. i will cherish this time together for the rest of my life. the kirton family has meant so much to us. afterall, their precious kristen was the impetus for sarah learning to sew and ultimately the opening of our house of fabric. 

and as i watched sarah so carefully place the purple butterfly she chose to put in the ground at kristen's final resting place, i have no doubt that kristen is with her every step of the way. as we were leaving the cemetery that day, sarah called out "goodbye kristen. happy birthday. see you soon." i don't know how soon, soon will be, but i left that day confident and peaceful that whenever and wherever they will be, kristen and sarah will be side by side.

two pillowcases ~ sarah in cleveland, ohio ~ kristen in salt lake city, utah

i have had this post ready to go for a few days, but for some reason i just could not hit publish. then something happened in the store yesterday. powerfully emotional. divinely inspirational. before i left the building, i went upstairs to share it with polly. her post had me in tears. sadness fills her heart. yet kristen's light shines bright. i am humbled that sarah and i have been chosen to see it's brightness, yet so thankful for the experience.

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