Saturday, May 14, 2011

a star is born...

we are thousands of miles from home. yet sarah has a fan base here, just as she did as we walked as girl scouts in the local memorial day parade back home. me...well i'm proudly the chauffeur and the photographer. capturing the smiles on faces of strangers who have fast become friends as they celebrate with sarah and kristen. and their beautiful story...

it first started when we stopped at quilts, etc.

such wonderful women to share in sarah's glory.

priceless for a girl. any girl really. especially one sporting an extra chromosome.

the gals from the quilted fish.

michelle from lila tueller designs.

and another mother/daughters team, sweetwater.  thank you so much to everyone who made my girl feel so special this weekend. you make my heart swell with pride.


Jan said...

This is so wonderful. I've always believed that people are basically good. Most of the quilters I meet are way above that level.

To Love Endlessly said...

She surely is a star. Hers and Kristen's stories are each inspiring and rewarding to follow. Thanks for sharing the journey!