Sunday, May 22, 2011

ohio encounters...

two states. four letters. that was sarah's observation.

so we are all the way out in utah and i hear "there's sarah." i turn around and it is michele merin...a friend from ohio.

how fun is that. michele publishes a book called fiber and fabric mania. it's a travel guide to shops across the country. check it out...we are even included. thanks for the nice comments michele. we sincerely appreciate it.
and since we were on the subject of ohio...

we headed over to the moda bake shop booth.

on display was a quilt from ohio. northeast ohio to be more specific. it was designed by rebecca silbaugh of ruby blue quilting studio.  her mom owns a very charming shop, cottonpickers, about twenty miles east of ours, in the town of chardon. here comes some trivia...i worked in chardon while pregnant with sarah. i was eating lunch at the bass lake inn when i realized i was in labor. if i hadn't sped off then, sarah might have been born in chardon:)  anywho...beth was so nice to call us when we opened to welcome us to the wonderful world of quilt shops. then we met rebecca and discovered she is just as sweet and designs fresh and fun patterns.

here is one more shot for rebecca of charmed living casaba making it's public debut a long way from home in salt lake city, utah. this pattern will soon be joining the others on our "ruby blue" wall. 

p.s. don't you love how she added her initials in one block. very clever idea.  


Adelaide Dupont said...

Many quilters might sign their work like that.

WOW! "By chance or by design".

And there's always a little piece of Home wherever you're going.

Ruby Blue Quilting Studio said...

Okay, I admit I screamed a smidge when I saw this. I'm so excited to see it made it there and looked beautiful!!! Thank you so much for the picture and I hope to see you both soon!