Wednesday, May 4, 2011

modern workshop...

by oliver + s has arrived...
at first glance it might seem like simply a trendy and contemporary collection of fabric. yet it's deisgner, liesl gibson, was inspired by wiener werkstatte, a circle of artists and crafts people based in vienna at the turn of the twentieth century. hop on over to the blog of oliver + s to read more and watch a video of liesl talk about this fascinating story. 

we have the entire collection for your enjoyment displayed in our front room. if you click here there is also a free pattern to download.

i must once again thank crystal of frivolous necessity for the amazing samples. click on the top photo to take a closer look at the tiny detail work on the pillow.  i just love it and know our customers do too as i have  already been asked many times if it can be purchased.  the answer is no, not today.  however, i'm sure there will come a time when we will conduct a sample sale in the future. i will announce it on this blog first, so be sure to follow along.

this next picture i lifted off of liesl's personal blog. it very nicely shows both of her collections working together so well. city weekend + modern workshop.

love the hexi's too. still my favorite shape to make. we have some city weekend still in the store.  hurry though, it all will be a part of the big pre-quilt market sale at $5.00 per yard on 5-5, 6 & 7.

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Crystal Stanworth said...

i agree, this fabric line really is amazing. thanks for the blog love. oh! my mom is so very envious that you have some of the quilts she wanted. :o) she'll be excited for the day you sell the samples!!