Monday, May 16, 2011

kwik sew...

we have so many requests for patterns for children's clothing.

as i was walking around, i spotted this adorable setup.

then my eyes rolled to the other side of the booth and realized they were made with kick sew. i've used a few of these patterns in the past and really like them. they are also great for teaching, which we will being doing soon. promise. we obviously are much too small to stock a huge selection of patterns, but i noticed the cute little spinner stand. 

so i sat down with sharon and kwikly selected an assortment of twenty patterns. now that we are established as a kwik sew shop, we will have the full catalog for your viewing and will be able to order in any patterns our customers wish.

a little later in the day, i took sarah back for a glance. sharon and her customer were so surprised to see her. i'm telling you. this girl of mine is famous. in the stitching world anyway:)

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Crystal Stanworth said...

always best to be famous among small groups, looks like market was a LOT of fun! i love all the pictures of Sarah meeting everyone. what a treat for them! i guess you could say we are all "bound by a common thread" - and oooh what pretty threads!!