Sunday, May 15, 2011

from the beginning...

look who we ran into...

it's cover girl vickie eapen....we first meet vickie our very first week in business. she lives in ohio, but not very close, yet she comes to the store from time to time. she also supports our efforts by mentioning us on her very popular blog sugar spun quilts.  
on a side note...i was looking for the picture of vickie the day she was here last august and i do not believe i ever posted the pictures from our grand opening week. i will do that soon. it will be fun to see how the store has changed in such short time.

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Vickie E said...

awe thanks for posting Joyce. I love your shop! I am so happy for you and Sarah, going to market, visiting friends for the first time. And I happy to have met up with you there in Modaland. I hope you ordered my favorite lines ;)
I also wanted to tell you that this was the best market I have attended. It was fantastic and totally fun and well I could go on and on.
talk to you soon.