Saturday, May 14, 2011

a country fair...

moda style. come along for some fun on the midway...

a clown toss, some popcorn, old fashion coke bottles and cupcakes.

even a ferris wheel.

moda in lights. right behind lissa alexander, the brains behind these setups.

now let the fun begin.  look who's's moda mark. he takes very good care of us.

sarah get's to spin the prize wheel.

i wonder what we won?

it's a jelly roll of panier de fleurs. can anyone guess who the designer is?

game time over. it's time to get to work. if you can call buying fabric, work:) that's kathy behind the table. she spends her days at moda and is going to assist us today.  we are trying to get her to come to cleveland to visit our store and the rock and roll hall of fame. she has never been there. but then, neither have i.

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