Thursday, May 19, 2011


i found a fun new fabric company. another mother/daughters team from the ubber talented state of utah. mom, carolee mcmullin, is full of spunk and personality and her three darling daughters georgana, alison & jackie clearly follow in her footsteps. all of them were working nonstop every time i passed their booth.

their newest collection named...long live vintage...will be in the store sometime in june. i believe we will be one of the first, if not the only shop in ohio, to be carrying adornit fabric.

we will have precuts, yardage and something unique to this company, a box full of individually rolled fat quarters.

we will also be getting some of this collection called vintage groove. this was our last stop of the day before heading back to the hotel. sarah was clearly not feeling her groove at this moment:)

adornit started as a scrapbook company, as evidenced by these super cute flowers atop their booth. i hope you enjoy their entry into the fabric world as much as i do.


donald said...

beautiful, i understand the importance of quality for designing..

Sanole said...

Joyce and Sarah,
I am totally in love with the long live vintage quilt. Any chance there will be a beginner class available soon to help a beginner put some of the fabric in this line to good use?
Hope to see you soon!

Kristin said...

LOVE Adornit!!! I have a trip to visit your shop scheduled at the end of June....hoping it's in stock by then!

blueberrylane said...

Have you received the Long Live Vintage fabric in yet ? Do you have a website ?