Saturday, April 16, 2011

strawberry butter...

what do you get when you combine buttercup and strawberry fields?  why...strawberry butter of course. we just received our precuts of strawberry fields by fig tree quilts. i was also able to get more charmpacks of buttercup. i have always loved how joanna figueroa designs her collections to work so well with each other.  

we have a beautiful lap quilt on display using mill house inn completed by crystal at frivolousnecessity. so many customers request this pattern that i am going to link to it right here. it is in a pdf format so after you pay $5.00, it will be sent to your email. our newest addition is in buttercup. the wall hanging/table runner stitched by stefanie at ohsewfabulousquilts is an easy and clever way to use one pack of 2 1/2" x 5" precuts found in the moda candy bar box. 

i have had a few questions lately about etsy. first, no i have nothing for sale there. i have been asked why i don't use local creators to make samples. i do. they are probably sewing as we speak. i also really love supporting other artists on the etsy site. each person has a unique talent and product(s) that they offer, which means the store has on display many different ideas and skill levels to observe and inspire our customers. i also love the connections i am making. i'd like to share a little note i received recently from one seller...

Hello! Thank you so much for your purchase. I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you your new table runner has been packaged up and is on it's way to you in Ohio! This is my second sale on etsy and I must say, it was just as exciting to me as the first! I hope you enjoy the item.

it reminds me of the tag line that always follows suzanne's posts...encourage one another. i love that philosophy and try to live by it myself. oh speaking of suzanne...she has just moved into the most amazingly gorgeous brand spanking new store...yes, strawberry patches has a new home...go check it out. hmm...there's reference to strawberries again...did someone say ice cream?

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Sandy Dudley said...

I am the creator of the Max and Whiskers tote bag you purchased from my Etsy store to use in your Moda display. I can not tell you how excited I was to see my bag displayed so beautifully in your quilt shop! I sent the link to your blog to each and every friend and family member I have! Thanks so much for purchasing my item and giving it such a lovely home!