Thursday, April 7, 2011

separation anxiety...

the feeling was dreadful as i walked out last night. so frightening, i turned around to take one last picture...

i was so nervous. just the thought of leaving was making my heart have rapid palpitations. then around midnight, my laptop crashed. or so i thought. that sent me into a minor panic attack. my husband and son would probably describe it as more major than minor. i tossed and turned all night long. i couldn't sleep. i don't ever remember being like this with my children when i left them for the first time. sorry kids. but leaving the store for the first time. was anxiety provoking for sure.

i'm not sure why really. i was leaving it in very capable hands. did you see yesterday's delightful daisy quilt? well the creator, aimee, was the one watching the store. only the reports coming in say she was working very hard, not just watching. thank you aimee. i so very much appreciate it. i'm still in columbus and need to get on the road. i will tell you a little more about my meeting in the next post. for all of our customers who came in today, thank you. thank you. i'll see you soon.

oh one last thing before i go. sew to speak in columbus. delightful. a must stop.

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