Tuesday, April 5, 2011

kate and crate

how lucky can a girl get. i have kate delivered to my door step and i have crate just around the corner. if you're just joining us, i am speaking of our favorite designer kate spain and the oh so trendy home dec store...crate & barrel. last evening i set out to purchase this adorable plate. i had a few colors to choose from, yet with purple being my favorite color i just had to select this one. i also found this perfectly matched potted fushia gerber daisy and i just love that it never needs watering. have i ever mentioned i was born without a green thumb? i decided the pot needed just a little sprucing up though.
a quick change of blades on the rotary cutter...

and this plain ordinary pot...

now looks like this!!

such a great spring time addition to our central park display. oh speaking of central park. did you catch martha stewart the day she used kate's animal print. how awesome!!! you can watch it here and read all about kate's take on the fame. i left kate a comment that i think martha is to her as she is to us!!! and most of our animal prints are gone so hurry to get the last of it.

oh and just one more thing...

kate's christmas collection 2011...flurry...the precuts are due in tomorrow. i already have six on reserve, so you might want to hurry for that too.


kate spain said...

Look at you go with the rotary cutter! You're so sweet to dress up your display with some of my crate plates :) And Terrace Hill's apron is adorable! She does such beautiful work and her aprons are finished so professionally. As a seamstress yourself, i'm sure you can appreciate all her attention to detail :) Me? I just think it's pretty, but have no clue how to make it! Thank you for your nice note on my blog today. So glad to hear CP has been doing well for your shop...and of course it's always so wonderful to hear from you, Joyce!! lots of love to sarah and your whole fam. You must be getting very excited for market!! xo kate

Groves said...

Look at how cute everything is!

And here is something pathetic: I felt a secret relief that you do not have a green thumb, because it appears from the outside that every creative talent known to this planet resides in your brain...so it was nice to see there are at least one or two gaps. :) I do not have a green thumb, either, lest you think I am gloating.

I love seeing the way you put things together and create a beautiful world inside the store!!


Cathy in Missouri