Monday, March 21, 2011

the significance of 3-21

today is world down syndrome day. the date is chosen because down syndrome is caused by a third chromosome on the 21st pairing. it is a day set aside for families to celebrate, as well as, let the world know how wonderful our children are. if you have been following our blog or have been able to come to the store in person, you know just how amazing i think sarah is. yet, it is my belief that society will be so much richer and wiser if everyone takes the time to get to know a child or young adult with down syndrome.

like designer extraordinaire...kate spain...

kate has become such a dear friend. we first met kate through the blogosphere. then something magical happened. actually a series of connections and developments. next thing we know, kate and her wonderful husband pete were heading to cleveland. not only did she come to meet sarah, she blogged about it. and that opened another segment of the population to read about down syndrome.

following that came an article on the etsy website. 159 comments, mostly from readers that do not have a family member with down syndrome followed. then came the front page story in american patchwork and quilting.

the new group of people were getting to see down syndrome. then kate came back into the scene. she was asked to do a live radio broadcast with pat sloan. kate could easily have filled the entire segment talking about her designs. instead. she chose to use the opportunity to talk about sarah. and the difference she is making. thank you kate. this is how we change perceptions. this is how we spread the word that down syndrome is not something to be feared. it is not a terrible disease. it is not a reason to further testing to eliminate trisomy 21.
beautiful fabric. a quilt shop. employment opportunities. all of a sudden it is no longer just about that extra third chromosome. on the 21st pairing. it is about acceptance. it is about change. it is about love. it is about a better world.


Patty D from NC said...

Beautiful post. I too have a daughter with DS - she is 15.

BunnyNuts said...

Getting the information out there is great - our quilting community is an awesome bunch and will really get behind this!!

Groves said...

Not being in the sewing world much before reading your blog, I had never heard of Kate Spain. Now I look forward to every post where she is mentioned - I love her heart even more than her designs, and she is a great designer!

Kate Spain, you have a new fan base in Missouri!

Meanwhile, I just don't have words to say how much Sarah has come to mean in our house - and you, too, Joyce - without you, we would miss out on her!

I remember when we were expecting our babies and they wanted to do all kinds of tests, extra tests. Our oldest son was born with autism. I am so glad we have him. If we had listened to the "testers," we sure would have missed out.

Sarah is a beautiful person inside and out. I wish everyone could know someone as special as she is, and I hope more and more people appreciate what those extra chromosomes bring to this world: true light and love and warmth.

Thanks for all you do to spread the word!!

Love from here,

Cathy in Missouri

kate spain said...

Oh Joyce and Sarah,

You are both such special people to me, and i will continue to sing praises of your wonderful selves from treetops and mountains. I am so deeply proud of all your successes and they would have happened no matter what. Your place in the community of fabric-lovers and crafters is an inspiration to so many, including me. I think 3-2-1 "blast-off" is more appropriate for you and Sarah because that's what you've done from the moment you opened your doors (and opened our hearts). Will miss you in SLC, but hope you have a magical time there! lots of love to you both. ~kate

Diane E W said...

My son is 8 and has DS. Thank you for all that you do to improve the lives of DS people. Our son has brought so much life into our lives. I wanted to visit the last time I was in the Cleveland area, but I was on the west side (Amherst) and my sister said you were on the east side. Maybe next time, I would love for my son to meet Sarah. He always wants to hel me sew and does a good job.