Friday, March 18, 2011

got milk?

we've got cookies.

as in GIRL SCOUT cookies!!! they sell for $3.50 per box. as a courtesy to our local troop, we will be happy to process your order on credit card if you are short on cash. hurry though. they are going quickly. especially the thin mints.

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Chef Mama Lori said...

Hope you can sell them all quickly! That's wonderful that you are helping your local troop out by putting them in your shop and even processing the orders for them.

I thought we were so smart to order a bunch ahead of time to sell in our neighborhood. Then I spent our cookie months (Jan/Feb.) dealing with kidney stones! My girls had to go to booths without me this year. So, we still have a few boxes to sell. Good thing I can't eat gluten or those Thin Mints would be long gone! LOL!