Wednesday, March 2, 2011

blessings and patience

it is with deep gratitude and appreciation that i am able to introduce you to my new friend alice...

she came in today looking for some binding for this absolutely adorable wall hanging. the level of detail is amazing, much done by needle turn applique with teeny, tiny little stitches. alice is a skilled quilter. i can't imagine the number of masterpieces she has completed in her ninety plus years of life.
i met alice once before. her first visit to our store did not go quite as planned. we've been so worried about her. week after week, friends would come in and give me a report. it was a slow road to recovery, but alice was patient.

which made her visit today all the more exciting. it was so good to see her and this adorable project that she was kind enough to let me photograph, but not before she took her coat off and fluffed her hair. jeepers, i hope i have her spunk and sense of humor when i reach her age. just in case you are wondering, we did not have the little red calico she first inquired about, but we did have a perfect red pin dot.
seeing alice up and walking, full of energy, and sweet as can be, truly made my day. and then she gave me a charming white wicker basket from her collection. she said it looked just like our store and she wanted me to have it for good luck. thank you from the bottom of my heart alice. i will treasure that basket always along with the memories you have etched in my mind.

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kate spain said...

what a joy to know a person like alice! i admire her spunk. the wall hanging she made is adorable and how amazing that she stitched all that by hand. wow!