Tuesday, November 2, 2010

from houston via charlevoix

a tradition has been conceived. actually it started in the spring just after quilt market in minneapolis. our wonderful moda rep knows how hard it is for me to travel with sarah, so he stops by our shop as soon as he arrives back in cleveland. that way we can experience the thrill of what's new almost as if we went to market. today mark brought a special guest with him, his lovely and beautiful wife diana.

now you might just be wondering why mark is wearing a shirt with the word charlevoix on it. the short answer is i asked if i could expand the half order i previously placed into a full order. i am in love with the newest collection from minick and simpson which they named charlevoix, as in charlevoix, michigan. i know, hard to believe this die hard ohio state fan liking anything related to that state upnorth:) anywho, my question spurred mark to dig a little deeper into his just off the airplane suitcase, and voila, out came this shirt!!

i insisted he wear it in our picture. thanks mark!! oh btw he is holding just a smidge of a peak of this great collection. it will be arriving sometime after the first of the year. i know it will brighten up the front room in one of our coldest and often snowiest months of the year.

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Minick and Simpson said...

Polly Minick of Minick and Simpson - and I have to say, loving this blog. And yes we agree with you - Moda Mark is the best and how nice he heads straight to you.
Let us know if we can send you anything - thanks for loving this collection.
I am a Buckeye fan this year, anything to get rid of this horrible coach - so go Bucks