Monday, November 29, 2010

the cutest customer

meet lily. she is truly my dream customer. the cutest smile. a fun personality. curious. and the best part...she already loves fabric!!!

she came into the store and quickly found me in the middle room. she whispered to me that she needed some help and then described the fabric she was looking for. something bright with flowers for her grandma. i walked her back to see bliss. she loved it. she knew exactly how much she needed cut and then she asked me if i could quickly put it into a bag so her grandma wouldn't see it.

she carefully counted out her money that she had saved in a clever little folded paper purse. and then she got to work. she began rearranging the store displays for me. do you see the christmas tree on the round table behind her? she placed it there after taking everything else off. then she got busy on the kids room. she was just so adorable i wanted her to stay all afternoon with me.

i recognized her grandma. edna has been to our shop before. she patiently waited in the front room while lily made her purchase. it so reminded me of when i too was seven and my grandma took me to the fabric store in sidney, new york. that was the beginning of my love for fabric and sewing.

lily and i got to talking. i asked her where she goes to school. at first i did not recognize the elementary she named. so i asked her where it was. it turns out she lives rather far from the store. but as soon as she told me the district, i just knew we shared a connection. the principal of her school was sarah's third grade teacher. one of the best teacher's sarah ever had. a teacher who truly made a difference to our family and one who shaped sarah's future as well as many others. so i told lily about mrs.b. then i went upstairs where sarah was eating her lunch to bring her down to meet read more about that encounter click HERE.


Edna said...

Dear Miss JEllen,
Thank you for this nice note about me and my grandma. Thank for letting me redesign your fabric shop. I had a good time. I hope you have a good holiday.

lissa said...

That is a wonderful story. It is a small world afterall.