Monday, November 29, 2010

the cutest customer

meet lily. she is truly my dream customer. the cutest smile. a fun personality. curious. and the best part...she already loves fabric!!!

she came into the store and quickly found me in the middle room. she whispered to me that she needed some help and then described the fabric she was looking for. something bright with flowers for her grandma. i walked her back to see bliss. she loved it. she knew exactly how much she needed cut and then she asked me if i could quickly put it into a bag so her grandma wouldn't see it.

she carefully counted out her money that she had saved in a clever little folded paper purse. and then she got to work. she began rearranging the store displays for me. do you see the christmas tree on the round table behind her? she placed it there after taking everything else off. then she got busy on the kids room. she was just so adorable i wanted her to stay all afternoon with me.

i recognized her grandma. edna has been to our shop before. she patiently waited in the front room while lily made her purchase. it so reminded me of when i too was seven and my grandma took me to the fabric store in sidney, new york. that was the beginning of my love for fabric and sewing.

lily and i got to talking. i asked her where she goes to school. at first i did not recognize the elementary she named. so i asked her where it was. it turns out she lives rather far from the store. but as soon as she told me the district, i just knew we shared a connection. the principal of her school was sarah's third grade teacher. one of the best teacher's sarah ever had. a teacher who truly made a difference to our family and one who shaped sarah's future as well as many others. so i told lily about mrs.b. then i went upstairs where sarah was eating her lunch to bring her down to meet read more about that encounter click HERE.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

team colors

today is the day. the day set aside for all buckeyes. it's like a holiday for us ohio state fans. this momma buck is a tad nervous this year. not about the game. the scarlet and gray will win for sure. my two boys are in columbus together. for the first time...unsupervised. a brotherly bonding experience for sure. a passing of the parental alma mater torch i guess. meanwhile, up here in cleveland at jellen's house of fabric, we have all your favorite team colors.

scarlet and gray, maize and blue, purple and gold, brown and orange, green and gold. we now stock moda marbles in over 50 colors. perfect for your favorite fan. Go BUCKS!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

black friday + new hours

Join us today for our first ever

50% off anything and everything
you can find in the store
that has BLACK as a feature color
yes you read that correctly
all black and white fabrics
will be
$4.00 per yard
for one day only
Friday, November 26
starting today
we will be opening at a
new time

You asked and we listened.
Our new store hours will be
Tues. - Sat. 10:00 - 5:00
Thurs. 10:00 - 8:00

while in the store
be sure to visit our
clearance corner
where all fabrics are on sale

Thursday, November 25, 2010

sew thankful...

...for all our new friends

we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our new stitching friends who have supported us during our opening months. we are extremely touched by your enthusiasm and appreciation for a quilt store in our area. we look forward to many years of continued growth and friendship. wishing you and your family a blessed and relaxing thanksgiving.

Friday, November 19, 2010

boxes, boxes, boxes...

it is super helpful when boxes arrive on the day sari and sarah are working.

sari gets busy unpacking...

while sarah does the shelving. any idea what they are unloading? a charm pack of the newest collection is waiting for the first person to guess correctly.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

the greatest sacrifice

today is a day set aside to remember our veterans. truly one day is not enough. we should be thanking them each and every day. their sacrifices are beyond measure.

for sometime, sarah and i have been organizing events to create thank you cards and care packages for members of the military. we call it stampin' for america. this year we have an opportunity to extend this project to include our wonderful moda fabrics and all of our quilting friends.

today we created a display in the store to launch this effort. laurie of minick and simpson wrote an excellent post that describes both quilts of valor and under our wings. we as a store will be participating in this effort. please watch this blog and our website for more details.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the small details

i've often revealed our new window displays at night. they seem more impactful with the lights shining down.

we've had the window changed for a day or two. and we liked it mostly. but something was just not right. then last night i had reason to drive down the road without pulling into our lot. that's when i recognized it was too open. our fall fabrics in the window did not pop because you can see straight into the big open room. this morning i had an idea...

what do you think? awesome?? yes, that's awesome. no, not the idea. well maybe that too. but the fabric. it's awesome by sandy gervais for moda. i think it's just the punch we're looking for.

Monday, November 8, 2010

fit for royalty

lily and will. designed with babes in mind, ann sutton has created a rich and stunning collection.

we have hand selected all the components you will need to complete an entire nursery or just a piece or two. pre-cuts, fat quarter bundles, satin trim, snuggle for an extra soft backing and patterns are waiting just for the newest delivery in your family.

Friday, November 5, 2010

expecting triplets...

...not to worry. lily & will by ann sutton of bunny hill designs arrived today in pink, blue and green. and chocolate. oh how we love chocolate...

we have lots of precuts too. and chocolate satin truffles. oh sorry my mistake...that would be ruffles...and textures, along with ann's exquisite patterns too. hurry, hurry...i'm afraid these bunnies will not be multiplying, just disappearing quickly.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

from houston via charlevoix

a tradition has been conceived. actually it started in the spring just after quilt market in minneapolis. our wonderful moda rep knows how hard it is for me to travel with sarah, so he stops by our shop as soon as he arrives back in cleveland. that way we can experience the thrill of what's new almost as if we went to market. today mark brought a special guest with him, his lovely and beautiful wife diana.

now you might just be wondering why mark is wearing a shirt with the word charlevoix on it. the short answer is i asked if i could expand the half order i previously placed into a full order. i am in love with the newest collection from minick and simpson which they named charlevoix, as in charlevoix, michigan. i know, hard to believe this die hard ohio state fan liking anything related to that state upnorth:) anywho, my question spurred mark to dig a little deeper into his just off the airplane suitcase, and voila, out came this shirt!!

i insisted he wear it in our picture. thanks mark!! oh btw he is holding just a smidge of a peak of this great collection. it will be arriving sometime after the first of the year. i know it will brighten up the front room in one of our coldest and often snowiest months of the year.