Sunday, October 3, 2010

a walk in central park

i am one spoiled woman. i had men arriving at the store yesterday bearing amazing gifts. how lucky i am!! i already wrote about my handsome helper...i forgot to mention that it was a fugi apple salad from most favorite salad in the whole world...with two containers of dressing which means he has been paying very close attention.

and then moda mark stopped by. on a saturday no less. with this baby wrapped in the palm of his hand...

ohhh laaa laaa...i can't believe it...i truly was shaking i was so excited. thank you sooooo much mark. is this a sight to be hold or what? it's like a walk in central park...oh is central park...the newest soon to be revealed collection by kate spain. i just don't know how kate does it. each collection is somehow better than the last. i have already ordered the entire selection...including laminates...that will make the greatest spring rain apparel you have ever seen. i hate being the bearer of bad news...but i will not be in the shop until january. but that gives you plenty of time to finish the other ufos in your stash and to dream a little...of a beautiful central park.

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kate spain said...

oh my goodness! lookie what you've got there :) :) i'm so thrilled that you like it, Joyce. i was just sewing with it yesterday and am getting excited for the big reveal at just a few weeks! That sure was nice of Matt to bring you your favorite salad...hope it was delish! xo