Saturday, October 16, 2010

thrilled to meet rachel clark...

i knew rachel k.d. clark was to be in town. i've had customers tell me about the exciting events the africian american quilt and doll guild had planned for this weekend. yet i never imagined rachel would walk in the shop. our shop. not just once, but twice. i was thrilled beyond words.

if you're not familiar with her work, you must take a moment to go to her website. she has an extremely impressive list of accomplishments and a very full touring schedule (tomorrow she will be in oberlin, ohio for our local readers). she is well known for her amazing coats. and i mean amazing. she is currently working on one featuring halloween details. she fell in love with some greens i have. some purples and oranges too. we had such a grand time talking and sharing sewing tales. thank you so much rachel for stopping by and for all the kind words i know you are spreading about our store. happy stitching and safe travels to you.

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