Monday, October 11, 2010

it's not pretty...

i once worked in an office where a few of the lead staff were just terrible at planning. they always waited until the last minute to give the secretaries their work, which often would necessitate them working late the evening before a big meeting. stress levels increased tenfold. if the directors had just done some planning. used their brain a little more, everyone would have been happier and more productive. one day a support person had enough. so she hung the above sign on the wall of her cubicle. i never forgot that. i've tried to live by that motto. it is just common courtesy. it creates good will.
but i've also lived long enough to observe that time and time again, it's the poor planners, the one's who can't think beyond today that often rule the think tank. they have a way of getting their needs met regardless of how others are treated in the process. regardless of the loss of productivity. regardless of the disruption to others. regardless of the additional financial requirements.
do i sound bitter? sorry. i am. this could have all been taken care of when we were knee deep in mud, the plaster kind. when the painters were here. when the carpenter was here. unfortunately it wasn't. so please check this blog often for new details about some construction that must occur in our building. it will necessitate the closing of the store for a time in the near future. hopefully only a few days. i appreciate your patience and understanding.

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