Friday, September 10, 2010

wishes for a speedy recovery...

...all of us at jellen's house of fabric are sending out warm and cheerful wishes for a speedy recover to our dear quilting friend who fell in the parking lot today.

we are thankful for the woman sitting in the bus stop who first ran to her aide and to the wonderful paramedics from our Lyndhurst Fire Department who came for assistance.

i must share a tiny part of the story as i know our fabric friends will smile. this dear sweet gal knows our whole story. as soon as i walked out into the parking lot she looked up at me and said i know you. i have been reading all your blogs. and then she started to retell parts of it for me as the men in blue worked their magic. they asked for her name and then how old she is. "90" was her reply. and she has been reading my blogs. how awesome is that!!
shortly after they had placed a brace around her neck as a precaution and were just about to lift her onto the gurney, i felt her hand squeeze mine harder than she had been. i thought she must be experiencing some pain. she looked up at the paramedic and said, "wait just a minute." then she turned to me and said, "before we go do you have any red calico in that store you could go get me?"
love you my friend. when you are all better i hope you can come back and visit us. there is a special package waiting just for you. if your family happens to read this i would so appreciate an update and a place we can send a card. just email me: or you can call the store and leave a message 1-440-684-9830. thinking of you all tonight.

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kate spain said...

oh my goodness! how did i miss this?! i'm still laughing about the fabric. that woman has her priorities!! just glad she's ok.